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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Crafting has happened this week.  I have a FO to show and it is not my sock!

 A lovely market bag for me!  I went to the store this week and realized all our shopping bags were in the hubby's car.  I started this Monday night and completed it 
Saturday afternoon.  I had made one of these 2 years ago but gave that one I made away.  I made the handle shorter than written as it stretches a bit.  It may not look like it holds much but...........it is almost 12 inches in diameter and then has some stretch too.  It is made with #3 fashion thread and a size G hook.  I got the pattern off ravelry but do not remember which one it is.  I did not print out the title page of the pattern.  This will be perfect for the veggie/fruit market.  I will be making more of these but will be looking for different shapes. (rectangular or squarish or even oval)

 I did work a bit on my second sock.

The progress keeper shows where I was last Sunday.  I will be working on this today once I complete my to do list.  There is a football game on at 4:40 this afternoon I am quite interested in watching.  This sock is perfect TV crafting.

I had told you I was looking for rocking chairs for my front porch.  I found them!

Belham Living Cottonwood Indoor/Outdoor Wood Rocking Chair - Burgundy

I got this one and one just like it in olive green.  They will be arriving on Tuesday and I am as excited as a kid on Christmas.  I have been looking for over a year for seating for my front porch.  It is not a common thing to see people here in Arizona sitting out front, yet several of our neighbors have started sitting out front on the nicer weathered days.  (Most new houses do not have front porches) This will be perfect for me to sit out and knit/crochet in the mornings when it is cooler outside.  I have never enjoyed sitting in our backyard and crafting.  Our house faces north so, it is nice and cool there until around July.  I cools back off again, around the middle of September.

Today will see me tearing apart my kitchen and doing a deep cleaning in there.  With all the company we have had, it has really taken a hit on sticky door/drawer pulls, finger prints on all surfaces, crumbs falling into drawers and items just stuck willy nilly where there was room for them.  It is driving me nuts.  My kitchen is my sanctuary where I love to cook and bake for my family.  If it is in disarray so am I.  

I am going to close this and ask you to send some prayers for my BFF, Beth.  She lost her father this morning.  This is her first parental loss and she is a lot of heartache.  Like most of us females, she was a daddy's girl.  My heart breaks for her.  Having suffered a parental loss in the past month, I can empathize quite a bit with her.

Until next time............Happy Crafting!!!!!!


  1. I love all your things, Marsha. The market bag looks the perfect size - I know these things really do stretch! Your rocking chairs are going to be awesome. I like to sit in my back yard in warmer weather and crochet. It's on the south side of the house, but we have a nice patio under a roof (which is the floor of our built-on master bath). You've got me thinking of spring now and I'm eager to see it arrive. A prayer for Beth has been prayed. Hugs to you both - you surely are surely a comfort to each other.

  2. Nice chairs! Usually if I'm sitting out it's too sunny to knit without sunglasses which never seem to be close at hand!

    Very nice market bag! I like the colour blocks :)

  3. Thinking of your friend, Beth today. I love the market bag, and I can understand your excitement about the rocking chairs. I remember getting one when I was 19 and I still love looking at it and sitting in it.

  4. The bag is just perfect, I really should make some of my own. I love the chairs, they will be brilliant on a summers evening.
    Prayers to your friend, hope you are doing ok as well.

  5. Oh Beth...sending good healing energy your way dear.

    Marsha, the chairs are gorgeous!! So is your bag! :)

  6. Love the bag! I should make one as it would be perfect for when it run up to the local grocery store. Your sock is coming along beautifully and your rocking chairs are gorgeous!
    I pray your friend has many pleasant memories to see her through...God bless her and her family and you too my friend.
    Good luck with your kitchen cleaning. I need to do mine too!

  7. My condolences and thoughts to your BFF. Do be vocal about how this bag acts when you fill it up. I'm very curious. I like seeing your Hermione. The colorway is perfect for Valentine's Day.


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