Friday, January 26, 2018

Don't Ask

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I am going to make this saying my motto.  It has been one thing after another around here.  It has gotten to the point that we are laughing about all the crazy stuff that is happening with our mom's.

As you know, my mom was in cold storage for 3 weeks.  Once she was cremated they discovered they did not have the urn for her and had to wait another day or two for that to come in. When I went to pick her up, they did not have the death certificates yet so I had to wait another few days for those to show up.  In the mean time..........I found out they had spelled the name of the town she was going to be buried in, wrong.  I mean wrong on 15 pages of a guest/memory book.  Then I got the death certificates and found out those were also incorrect.  They had me listed as her mother!  I am now waiting for the corrected certificates.  The book pages were corrected and those have been replaced.  Today, I called her home church to schedule the funeral for April 6th.  The pastor that knew her is not going to be in town that day!  So he now has to get permission from the senior pastor to have a retired pastor do the service and hopefully, the retired pastor is available that day!  This has been so crazy.  My mom had everything planned out down to the kind of flowers she wanted at her funeral.  Nothing has gone as planned......................hubby and I were laughing so hard today about all of it.  My mom was the most organized person on this planet.  It seems, once she left us, that all went away too. mother in law is going to be discharged from rehab in 2 weeks.  We are now in a frenzy to try and find a place for her in her home state.  I have been making phone calls everyday to places trying to find a good fit for her.  I have not received one phone call back from any of them.  This has been a bit frustrating too.  Since I am not in her home state, I am at the mercy of the internet when looking for state inspections of places and recommendations from other folks.

On a happy rocking chairs arrived and have been put together.

I am in love with them.  The little table on the chair is for in between them so I can set a beverage on it while enjoying the out of doors and people watching.

This morning I took a broom and shovel out to clean off the front porch.

When it rains, all the dirt from the roof washes off and we get quite a bit of dirt on the porch.  To be honest, I have no idea as to when I swept the porch the last time.  It looks so much better now and I am excited to get it all set up and ready for me to enjoy.  Hubby is not as excited as I am.  He is a house plant and has no desire to sit outside to just enjoy fresh air like I do.

Hubby is finishing up mopping the floors and then he is going to go and visit his mom.  I am going to work on my prayer shawl, I started a few days ago, and watch some of my shows on TV this afternoon.  There will also be bread making going on during that time period.  I have missed my homemade bread and with the bread maker it is so easy to do.

Tonight we are going to make a lovely salmon dinner on the grill.  Hubby makes the best grilled salmon ever.  I will prepare some butternut squash with it as well as some spinach. Healthy, healthy, healthy eating tonight.

Yesterday, I baked a double batch of my Malachi's cookies and the day before that I made brownies.  I am making sure we are eating healthier snacks as we both need to be careful with our diets.  

My laundry just buzzed, so I need to go and get that in the dryer and another load in the washer.  I already did my mother in law's clothes this morning, so they are folded and ready to go back to her.  Yup, a woman's work is never done is it?

Until next time....................happy crafting!!!!!!!!!!!


Rain said...

Marsha I'm so glad you can see some humour in all of these mishaps. I NEVER say "what else can go wrong" because I feel like I'm just ATTRACTING something else that'll flub up my day! Murphy's Law right? :)

Your rocking chair is great and I love that table! It is VERY important to have something to rest your beverage on! :)

Breathing Life said...

You two are so lucky to find a way to laugh about all the mix-ups. Here's hoping things smooth out now. PS: I LOVE the chairs.

Stefanie said...

You are a cleaning queen; props to ya.