Sunday, January 7, 2018

Week 28 of the 7th year

Good day to all my readers.  It has been a roller coaster of a ride this week.  I will say, it has not been boring around here.

I was able to get a bit of crafting done this week.  But just a bit.

Hermione Sock was my only project I worked on.  I got the FLK heel done and have about 2 more inches of the foot to do before I start the toe.  Then I have the second sock to start and complete.

I was able to get into my craftroom this week and do a bit of cleaning in there this week.  That is kind of our catch all room when we need to get stuff out of the way and out of sight.  It felt good to be in there working.  My DIL's mom brought down 2 large garbage bags of yarn for my friend and I to go through and then the rest we are donating to the prayer shawl ministry at our church.

This is most of the yarn I selected.  I have 3 partial skeins that will be going into a shawl and then 2 skeins of a cotton blend for dishcloths.  My friend took 99% of the Vanna yarn for her toy making.  I still had over 1/2 of a bag full of yarn which I took and caked up to make it look nicer and neater.  

Once our lives get back into some semblance of order, I am hoping to be doing more knitting than is happening right now.  We have had 4 days of no company and we are once again having our house filled with relatives.  It is all my hubby's side of the family coming to visit his mother.

My MIL is still in the hospital with her stroke.  Her brain is still bleeding and 2 days ago she had a heart attack.  (not sure how severe at this point, tests still being done.)  We thought we would be loosing her soon so the call went out to all the family to come and visit.  Our son from Seattle arrived yesterday as well as a brother from New Mexico.  The son leave today and a sister arrives from Colorado.  Not sure who else or when the others are coming.  I have 2 nieces arriving today also.  Most everyone should be back home by the end of the week and then we can try and settle into some kind of new normal.

We think my MIL will be discharged this week to a skilled nursing facility.  I am searching for one that I approve of.  So many of them have bad reports.  We still need to get her strong enough so we can transport her back to Nevada.  Not sure if this will happen or not.  The Dr's said we could loose her as early as in 2 weeks depending on her heart and brain.  Hence the reason everyone is coming down now to see her.

As for me and my grief..................that got cut really short because of all that is happening with my MIL.  My mom is still in storage (That sounds so awful).  Seems the Medical Examiner wants to go over her records before he releases her for her final destination.  I am a bit upset and angry over this.  I have calls into the ME's office and I will continue to call daily until I have an answer as to why they are doing this to a 90 year old woman.  They will come to know my name before this is all over.

Hubby has left to go to Mass (I went last night).  Brother in Law is up and having some coffee with me.  Think I will go and work some more on my sock and try and figure out how the day 'might' go.  My bullet journal has really helped me with keeping my 'to do' list straight and journaling my feelings.  

Until next time.....................Happy Crafting!


  1. I'm so sorry for your losses and the challenges you are facing. I only just read about it. Sending much love and strength.

  2. Oh my. You need a hug and a cup of tea, and just some respite from it all. I am sending you a cyber hug.
    My craft room also becomes a catch all. And my shins have the bruises to prove it. Glad you got some knitting time. Take care.

  3. No rest for the weary! You poor haven't even had time to grieve. I hope your faith and your knitting keep you at peace. Entertaining is exhausting and you seem to be home base for everyone. God bless you, are such a giving person! Your sock is looking good. I still have yet to try the FLK of these days! I need to get back to organizing my crafts room too. This week is looking good for getting back on track with everything. I will be praying for you and your family and your MIL.

  4. What a terrible situation you're all in. I hope things with the ME get sorted quickly so that you can lay your Mom to rest and greave. I'd like to believe there are good reasons behind the delays but it can't be easy.

    Also sorry to hear about your MIL. I hope for a peaceful outcome, even if that's passing sooner rather than later with less suffering. Full care nursing facilities always seem somewhat awful in my experience - even the super expensive ones, although money does seem to buy better care. At least your MIL is surrounded by loved ones who will make the very best decisions they can.

    Nice red sock! (Hugs)

  5. Oh Marsha. I'm just so sorry to read this. About your MIL and about your own mother's body not being released for burial or cremation (I think a previous post suggested this is what will be happening). How can you possibly grieve? I'm praying for you and your husband, and for your MIL's physical and spiritual comfort (whatever or whenever her outcome is). Hugs to you, friend.

  6. My gosh Marsha you are having a hard time lately. I'm so sorry and wishing you all the best. xx

  7. Oh my! You have so many things going on, which could be a good thing, but you certainly don't need added stresses of inadequate nursing and inability to say goodbye to your mom. I am thinking of you and hope things start to look up this week.


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