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Monday, January 29, 2018

Mother Nature and Me

I finally got a change to go and sit outside on my front porch today.  I was going to do it yesterday, but we had a house full of company again.  There was a 10 month baby in the group and I didn't think the cold concrete of the porch would be too good for her little hands and knees.

I grabbed my prayer shawl and plopped down and started to crochet away.  It was so peaceful out there.  I looked around and realized how blessed I am to live in such a wonderful neighborhood.  

I took a few pictures of what I look at as I sit and rock and crochet.

Look at those palm trees.  We used to have the tallest ones in the neighborhood until they were struck by lightening.  Now our neighbor across the street gets that honor.  See that blue sky?  It was a lovely 83 degrees out today and not a cloud in the sky.  We seldom have clouds here.  When we do, I have a party.

This is the same neighbors house.  This flowering plant is a bougainvillea.  It is a lovely to look at plant but those flowers are forever finding their way into my swimming pool and clogging my skimmer up.  

We had a lovely breeze all day today as you can tell by the flag waving.  We are a patriotic neighborhood also.  Almost everyone has a flag that they fly on special days.  Some fly them all the time which is fine with me.  This house is directly across the street from me.  They have done a wonderful job of fixing it up.  It was in a bit of disrepair when they purchased it.

See those yellow things on those trees?  They  are actually orange in color.  My phone does what it wants with color.  Anyway, those are oranges ready to be picked.  If you love citrus fruit, now is the time to buy it.  It is plentiful and should be at it's lowest price in your local stores right now.  These trees are right across the street from me also.  In the next couple of weeks they will bloom again and the air will be filled with the sweet sweet aroma of orange and lemon blossoms.

It is time for me to go and start our dinner.  Our company left today so it is just the hubby and I for dinner tonight.  

Until next time............................happy crafting!


  1. Hi Marsha :) What a great view from your rocking chair! And I love those shoes btw :) Oh fresh oranges, how lucky your neighbour is to have a tree like that!

  2. My Mom used to snow bird from Canada to AZ in the winters and I miss visiting her while she was there each winter. Not quite the same weather conditions for visiting her in Manitoba in the winter...

  3. with all this rain your pictures are so inviting. My husband and I are heading to Arizona in our camper in a few days. Trying to find the sun and some warmth.

  4. How fun to have company. You're wearing a fun outfit. We have a lot of palm trees in Fremont; we got a big one right by the side of our house in front of our back gate. Citrus grows well here too. Many neighbors have lemon trees and orange ones too.


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