Monday, March 29, 2010

Sundays are great!

Sundays are a wonderful day for us. We normally get together with our family and play games and have dinner. This is nice as that way my mom gets to see grandchildren and great grandchild. We have been doing this now for about 2 years and we either gather at my house or at my son's house. This week was at my house. Josie (our grand daughter) loves to use the camera. Her Grammie taught her how to use it and she has been taking pictures since she was about 2.5 yrs old. Some turn out really great and others we have to delete because no one knows what they are of. So this time while she was taking pictures of the "ladies" playing Phase 10, I decided to take a couple of her. She got a kick out of the fact we were both taking photos at the same time.

Yesterdays meal fare was, hamburgers, hot dogs, and fruit salad. I was so shocked when Josie told me she wanted her hot dog on a bun with lots of ketchup on it. This child is a very fussy eater. But I made it just the way she wanted and then gave her some grapes on the side. She ate over half the hot dog! Not too bad since she had already had 4 hershey kisses and a handful of pretzels. She originally asked me to make her some Mac n cheese and I told her that she had to eat something we cooked that night as I was not going to make her a special dinner. She was a bit shocked at that statement since MiMi (that's me) usually ALWAYS gives in to any request she might have. Oh must have been just one of those days for me. LOL

So here we are in holy week and I love this week in our church. It is so powerful with tradition! I look forward to the Tridium this end of this week. I especially look forward to our Easter Vigil on Saturday night. It is the longest mass we have (usually 2-3 hours) but worth every minute of it. We have baptisms, confirmation and first communions all combined on that night. It brings back such wonderful memories for me from 11 years ago when I came into the church at Easter Vigil. I will probably cry (I usually do during these masses) and will laugh and I will give lots of hugs too.

As for my crafting. well.................not much to tell. Have done a few more rows on THE SOCKS. Still have a long ways to go on them. Tonight I will work on a prayer shawl during my holy hour of prayer at our chapel. Don't know how much time I will get to work on THE SOCKS but I will try and get another inch or two completed on them before I go back to work next week. (I have Thursday thru Sunday off) But there is the chance of them getting worked on a lot next week as DH will be out of town for a week so that will give me a lot of down time in the evening to work on them. I will let you know how I do. I might even be nice and snap a photo of them and post it here.

Better get back to what I am suppose to be doing.

Have a Very HOly Week and a Totally Blessed Easter!

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