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Monday, March 22, 2010

Enjoying life

Yes, I am enjoying life right now. My brother made it into town Friday evening after a VERY long Motorcyle trip from East TX. I was just glad he was safe. My DH and I went to dinner with him and my Mom on Saturday evening at a very nice Italian restuarant. It was such a nice evening I almost hated for it to come to an end. Then on Sunday I had them over to our house for BBQ Ribs and family enjoyment. My son and his family were able to make it so my brother finally got to meet my DIL and my GD! Josie was a bit shy around him for a while but warmed up enough by the end of the evening to show him how she can "shake her bootie". Gotta love kids and then things they will do for company!!!!!

Wednesday night is our mid-week "Pick me up" Mass. Afterwards we normally got to Garcia's for some food and socializing with our friends. We have invited Mom and Brother to join us this week. If it is a nice evening we will sit out on the patio there. We are going to ask the Padres to join us too as they are so much fun to be around and I would love to have them meet my family.

DH and I are planning on having dinner with mom and brother again on Thursday night at her place. Brother leaves early Friday morning. I know it will be really quite at Mom's place after he is gone but I am so glad that he came and paid her a visit. He is the first one to come and stay with her and she has enjoyed it so much. Plus he has done a bit of handy work for her while here and for that I am VERY thankful for. There are some things I just am not able to do.

Needless to say THE SOCK has been on hold for a few days but that is ok. Since our weather is in the 80's right now I don't think DH is going to be wearing his boots anytime soon. But I really want to finish them so I can make mom her bed socks that she loves so much. I have that yummy bamboo yarn to use and am dying to try it out.

I have taken lots of photos over the past few days and will eventually get them posted so you can see what a good time we have been having. We even were able to sit outside by the pool late yesterday afternoon until the sun went down. It was that nice out. Gotta love springtime in the desert!

Next week is holy week and we will be very busy with Church "stuff". So I may not be posting for a while until things settle back down. DH is leaving on the 5th of April for Vegas to help his brother paint the outside of his Mom's house. Then we are heading back up there the 15th of April for a conference for my job. So things will be busy for at least the next month.

If I don't have a chance to post before I want to wish each of you a Blessed Easter! He is risen, He is risen indeed! Praise be to God!

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