Thursday, March 11, 2010

lefty issue

I just thought about something that I had to share with you!

I know I knit right handed but I realized the other day that I cast on left handed. So that explains why the first row of knitting is so hard for me to do. I have tried to cast on with my right hand but even with my tongue twisting and turning I can not manage it. I usually end up with a BIG mess and feel like throwing the yarn and needles across the room. Maybe if I had someone actually sit down with me and show me how to cast on with my right hand I could kind of do it.

So you see................being a lefty can be a challenge even when you think you are being right handed about something.

Also.............when giving directions while riding in the car with my DH I will tell him to turn right and always point to my left. Of course after 30 plus years of marriage he kind of realizes that this is the way I do things and he has adapted to it. But to me my left hand is dominate so it is the "right" hand.

Another thing that makes DH crazy is watching me use a screw driver. He keeps telling me I am turning it the wrong way! I laugh each time he tells me that. Of course I have to repeat to him..............righty tighty, lefty loosey. Then he laughs.

My kitchen is set up for a lefty to cook in. But I have noticed that when my children have left home most of them had their kitchens set up like mine. That is until they married and then the right handed wives set it up for them the way a righty would.

These are things that I contemplate late at night. (better than all the info-mercials)

Well, just wanted to give you a little insite as to what is like to be a lefty in a righty world.

Have a great weekend. I will!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA LAS VEGAS

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