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Friday, March 26, 2010

LIfe as I know it

So what do I know about life?

I know that when you least expect it things can turn totally upside down on you leaving you to think "what the heck just happened?"

I know that if you are nice to people you will find that they will be nice to others too. (unless they were just born mean)

I know that your priorities in life may not be God's priorities and He will fix that.

I know that children are the perfect examples of trust, love and giving.

I know that family is so important but the most underappreciated thing in life.

I know that if you want something done right either give the best directions ever or do it yourself.

I know that you can not fix stupid.

I know that I am somebody because God doesn't make junk.

I know that I have people that read my blog but never leave me any comments. But that is ok because I know they are just spending a few minutes getting to know me better.

I know that tomorrow will take care of itself and I don't have to worry about it.

I know that this is the end of this post for today.

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