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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here is a four generation photo we had taken tonight. From left to right (back row) Son Josh, Mom, Grand Daughter Josie, Brother Stan and that is me sitting on the ground in front. Josie decided last week to take a scissors to her hair to "cut out" a pony tail holder. Otherwise her hair would be really long in the front but she needed an emergency hair appointment to try and even it out. Her mommy is not a very happy camper about the doo.

The jewelry that I am wearing is some that I have made. I am still doing that too. Case in point; tonight I repaired a necklace for a friend, a bracelet for my boss, and a bracelet for Josie. The first two items needing repair, I made. The necklace had a magnetic clasp and it was not strong enough so I exchanged it for a toggle clasp. The boss' bracelet is made out of sterling and she kept pulling off the charms so I reattached them with a much stronger metal. Josie's bracelet just plain broke. So I restrung it. It was one of her favorites as it has Dora on it.

We are still enjoying our visit with my brother.

I am excited to find out how to download my camera so I can now upload pictures here! It was so easy and am looking forward to taking pictures of my crafts now and uploading them so you all can see what I am up to.

Getting late and I need to go to work tomorrow early.


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