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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the road again

I am so happy! We leave this Friday for Las vegas with our friends for a long weekend of fun and relaxation! We went together in October and had a blast. Seems like it has been a LONG time since we went. We are all stoked about going up again. We never set any type of schedule and just go with whatever we feel like doing.

I started a pair of socks for my DH. I decided I wanted to try the short row heel on these. So I did all the measurements that were required of me. I got to the length where my book said to start the short row heel. I finished it on one sock and thought " I think I had better try these on him before I go any further." Well, the man was no where to be seen so I tried them on my foot. The heel hit me about mid foot!!! Oh No! So I frogged them back to the foot part. Decided I need to put on another inch of stitches and then did the heel again. This time the lovely man was sitting right next to me. I put them on his foot and it was still too short!!! So frogged them again. (this has happened over the course of 3 days!) I finally went to the internet to see if I could find something that would help me with the measurments since my book LIED to me. I found a sock-calulator! I put in his measurments and it came back and told me I still needed another inch and a quarter. So here I am at day 4 on these silly socks that I so want him to have before we go to Vegas since they are going to be for his new boots he bought. So last night I knitted like a fiend. I got them the right length according to the sock calculator. I made the heel on the first sock and carefully looked over at the man who they are being made for and in my nicest voice said to him. "Give me your darn foot again!!!!" I tried the sock on him and EUREKA! It fits. So I stayed up until midnight last night finishing the heels on both socks. Now on to the mindless knitting of the leg.

Needless to say...........I don't think these socks will be done by the time we leave for Vegas but that is ok. I will knit on them on the drive up. That gives me 6 hours of knitting time and if they are not done by then I will continue them while we are there and if need be will continue on the way home. But the darn things are going to get done!!!!!!! I have too many other things that need my attention other than his socks.

I will say that I love the short row heel. It is really quick to do. Of course it looks more like a store bought sock than a home made one but that is fine. I ust hope the heels wear ok.

I think I will be using the short row heel more often now that I have found the sock calculator. Next thing to learn is the short row toe. Since I knit from the toe up I never have to worry about running out of yarn. When the yarn is close to being out then I am close to being done. This is very important if I am doing long socks. It really doesn't matter when I am doing bed socks or anklets. There always is enought yarn to do those. But a boot sock needs to be Loooooong.

Well, that is all from here for now. Will post again once we get back from Sin City.

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