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Friday, March 19, 2010


I have not worked on "THE" socks really since we came back from Vegas. Last night I decided I would work on them while watching TV. (they are just plain Jane socks). As I picked them up I noticed a little problem. Seems I dropped 2 stitches about 5 rows back! I paniced. I really dislike trying to bring dropped stitches back up but it was either that or frog the sock and I knew that was not something I would enjoy. SO I grabbed my small crochet hook and started the weaving in process. I DID IT! So then I am counting my stitches and discover that I have 1 too many stitches on one side of one sock. So now I have to do a decrease. ARGH!!!!!!!!! At least these socks are to be worn inside of boots although you really can not see where either of this little mishaps are. But I know they are there so it kind of bothers me.

Good News!!!!!!! My brother is on his way up here from Texas. He is staying with my mom and she is so excited. They have not seen each other for a couple of years so it will be nice for them to have the time to visit. I just got to see him at Christmas time but it is always nice to see family. We are planning on a couple of family dinners so hopefully I can get my son and his family over to see him too. My brother has never met my DIL or my Grand Daughter so it will be nice for him to get that chance.

Our weather here is finally getting warm! We have been in the 80's already a couple of times and it looks like we will be continuing that trend and before you know it we will be in the 100's. Then the water in our pool will get nice and we can go swimming again. Pool parties at our house are a lot of fun. This year we want to get our GrandDaughter swimming lessons so she is better equiped for all the swimming that takes place over the summer months.

Are you proud of me? I have posted a lot this month! But then I seemed to have had a lot to say. (Imagine that!)

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