Sunday, July 4, 2021



WOOHOO!  Year of Projects started on July 1 for me and several other people.  This is year 11 of this group and it is also my 11th year to be in the group.  Each year I set goals for myself in my craft world.  Seldom do I ever completely make all those goals.  And, that is ok.  This group has a no judgement policy.  We welcome all crafters from all over the world.  If you are interested in joining us, go to this site and join in.  The site is on Ravelry and if you are not a member of that website, you can sign up and then join the group.  It is all FREE!

So, here are the goals I have set for this year.


Boxy Sweater -11/7/15 (my own design and will probably be frogged this year)
Sock Scraps Granny Stripe - 7/8/20 (This too, will probably be frogged this year)
Madonna & Child - 8/7/20 (cross stitch kit and it is a big one)
Everything is Possible with God - 3/23/21 (cross stitch kit)
TAAT Car Socks - 3/6/21 
Summer Lace Stole - 6/13/21 (Needs to be done by October)

Try at least one new to me pattern this year


Try to use up cotton yarn

To the Point for the prayer shawl ministry

Giant Granny Square blanket to use up stash yarn
Another Mosaic blanket from Tinna's patterns to use up stash yarn

Cross Stitch
My hope is to complete the ones I have started as well as the other 2 that are waiting for me to start.


It is not a huge list this year.  It seems I normally get a bit distracted or have people asking me to make things for them.  This gives me some leeway during the next 51 weeks.

Oh, and I already have an FO from this past week.

I made a "To the Point" shawl for the prayer shawl ministry at my church.  I finished it up yesterday.  

And for all my USA friends...................................Happy Independence Day!

Until Next Time......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous shawl. Totally agree with setting a "doable" plan.

  2. Love your new to the point shawl! I've streamlined my list as well this year as I get distracted so easily!

  3. You are so sensible...I should have talked to you before I made my list! LOL! Oh well, I'll get something done t his year...I hope. I love your to-the-point of my favs. Our dishcloths and socks are fairly aligned together. Always love to read your posts and all about your homemaking too! Here's to another great YOP year!

  4. A great list of projects for the year. I love the fact that the YOP group is so welcoming and low pressure!

    Could your shawl ministry use more shawls? I knit a ton of them but don’t have much of an outlet for them but would love to donate some of my stack if your group can use them!

    1. We can always use shawls. We prefer ones made out of acrylic so they are able to be washed and dried. They are sent all over the world so we don't want to be worried about sending laundry instructions. So if you have this type of shawl, I would more than happy to receive them.

  5. It may not be a huge list but there are some really nice project on there. Can't wait to see what you make of them.

  6. Gorgeous finish for the shawl ministry. Happy 4th of July to you! So glad you are continuing with the YOP posts. I always enjoy your updates and hearing of your life and adventures.

  7. I like the idea of a YOP Wish List. Probably because I have commitment issues when it comes to creative pursuits. ;^) Beautiful colors in your latest shawl. I look forward to seeing it finished and all your other great projects this upcoming YOP year!

  8. That’s a beautiful shawl! I love your wish list. I’ve found a year long list doesn’t work for me so I make quarterly lists now. I look forward to seeing your projects this year.

  9. This is an impressive list of projects and I'm going to enjoy keeping up with you this making year!

  10. Oh I’m excited to see which of Tinna’s patterns you make next. There are so many gorgeous ones. It’s interesting this year many of us are designing our lists with allowance for distractions. I wonder if your knitting gauge has changed since 2015 when you started your boxy? I couldn’t even purl back then.

  11. I love your category approach to listing for the year! Your pragmatic attitude toward YOP was important for me to see; I've been feeling some guilt about not "accomplishing" my arbitrary goals!

    Your FO shawl is really pretty, it will sit nicely on someone's shoulders.


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