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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Just because


I was just sitting here researching some stuff for a dear friend of mine.  After I got done I thought, "why not do a quick blog post".  It's not like I have anything major to talk about.  I just like dropping in to say "HI" to everyone on days other than Sunday.

Yesterday I got so much stuff done.  Of course I did......it was Monday.  I got labels sewed on the prayer shawls, menus made for the next 2 weeks, made a bday card for a friend's 91st bday, made a lunch date with a friend, sent texts to a couple of relatives to catch up on their lives (they have not responded back) and worked on hubby's socks.

Today, it is still morning but I have emptied the dishwasher, cooked the meat for tonight's empanadas, fed Arthur, cleaned up the kitchen from cooking and talked to my dear friend in Las Vegas for a bit.  After I post this, I am going to jump in the pool and get some water aerobics going.  I have teen duty this afternoon.  It is only a pick up and drop off but it gives me a chance to talk to her for a few minutes....face to face.

It is nice to have things completed before lunch time.  That give me the chance to goof off in the afternoon.  Actually, it is giving me the chance to do some amazon shopping LOL.  I am looking for baskets to go into the cubbies that hold my yarn.  It will be easier to pull out a basket and search it than to try and see clear to the back of a 15 inch dark hole.  Right?

What do you do during the week?

Until next time................................................


  1. Wasn't terribly productive the first half of the day, but I've gone through some paper crafting supplies and have a bit of a haul to offer to a young friend. More stuff will be leaving the house this week. :)

  2. I was just like that when the kids were small, I tried my very best to be done with chores by lunchtime - it was a fun game, now I do it out of habit. Once I'm completely unpacked I intend to be that way once more.

  3. Empanadas sound yummy! I want to make my own mandu and Kimchi.


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