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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Week 3


Hello again.  It is that time again to talk about what I did this past week in my crafting.  Hopefully you won't get tired of seeing these.  It is all I have going at the present time.

Hubby's plain vanilla socks with FLK heels.  The orange marker is where I was last week.  Both of them are now on the same row count.  This week, I will be increasing the number of stitches so they will be able to fit over hubby's calves.  Not sure when they will be completed.  There are other projects needing to be started ASAP plus another project that I started last month that I need to give some love to or it will not be completed in time for an October birthday.

On Tuesday I did a little Amazon shopping.  Finally, I found some cloth baskets to fit in my craft table cubicles.

They are just perfect for putting my yarn into and will keep the yarn a bit more protected from dust.  It also makes it much easier for me to find what I am looking for since all I need to do is pull out a basket and look into it rather than bending over and trying to reach into the back of a cubicle which is 15 inches deep.  When these arrived, I just 'threw' my yarn into the baskets. This week I would like to take the time to organize it a bit more.  The baskets on the left have all my DK weight and the ones on the right have all my fingering weight yarns.

But wait.....................there's more................................

There are three of these storage units in my craftroom.  Well, one in my craftroom and two in the craftroom closet.  The one you are looking at is in the room itself.  I got these cloth baskets off of Amazon too.  Most of them are holding my worsted weight yarn and one of them is holding my lace yarn.  The ones in the closet hold my cotton yarn and my WIPs.  Those are now in these baskets.  It is nice to have the yarn more protected.  Plus, this way people don't gawk at the amount of stash yarn I have when they walk into my craftroom.  

We finally got our solar system up and running on our house, this past week.  It has either rained or been overcast each day since then.  (Sigh)  Not thinking we will see a big difference this month because of that.  We are in the heart of our monsoon weather.  I am not disappointed in the fact we are actually having a wet monsoon this year.  In fact, I am quite thankful for the moisture.  I was just kind of hoping to see how much of a difference having solar would make on our electric bill.  Oh well, this monsoon won't last much longer.  Maybe another couple of weeks and then we will be back to blue skies and hot dry weather.

Today I do not have any plans what so ever.  Hubby is watching the British Open.  Me?  Playing with yarn today and listening to my audio book is the only thing on my list.

What is on your list to do today?

Until Next Time.........................................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your organization looks fantastic - great score on those organization bins! That sounds like a wonderful weekend day. Enjoy!

  2. Love your bins. I do need to show these bins to my husband and son who think I have too much yarn! LOL. So far my stash doesn't stress me but I am at the point where I need input to match output as I don't want to add more stash cubbies. But yours are so pretty .....

  3. I am sure that monsoons are welcome in Arizona!
    Your organizing is very impressive. So orderly and attractive.
    I plan to organize my craft materials in August and I hope I do as well as you have.

  4. Your "gawking" comment made me chuckle, and then groan. Recently we had a realtor here to work up a market analysis on our home, and when I opened the doors to the closet in my craft room, she was stunned. I assured her I'd figure out a solution to it when it comes time to show the house, but to say she was shocked would be an understatement I think. OTOH, I know she's likely seen it all, so I'm probably just one more quirky client in her eyes. Your cloth bins are perfect for the slots you needed them for! Good purchase.

  5. I love your stash organisation, mine’s getting a bit out of control again now. Of course, this year I won’t be adding to stash…

  6. You've given me some good ideas! I love the cubicle baskets they are just perfect!

  7. I love those cloth baskets. hmmmm I think I might get some to fit my shelf too. (Off to Amazon) Thanks for enabling me! I love the colours for your hubby's socks.

  8. and six canvas cloth baskets ordered. Thanks for the push to get my yarn/fibre better organized than ziploc bags!

  9. Love the socks! They are looking great.
    I'm loving your craft room yarn storage, the fabric bins make it easier to keep everything wrangled.

  10. Your storage looks so neat and tidy. I'm still looking for storage ideas for the studio we're going to build soon(ish), yours look really good.
    I'd be interested to hear if your solar panels really make a difference re: your electricity bills. We've been offered solar panels but we're not sure if it's worth the cost.

  11. Your socks are still looking great and the organisation is brilliant, well done!

  12. Great craft organization. Your husband's socks colorway reminds me of an Impressionist painting.


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