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Tuesday, July 6, 2021



Most of you do this big bang up cleaning sometime in the spring.  Not me!  I wait until it is hotter than blazes outside and then decide it would be a great time to do some deep cleaning in my house.  I'm not talking about decluttering either.  I am talking about pulling things apart, cleaning everything and putting it all back together.

Yesterday I did the refrigerator.  I pulled everything off the shelves and made sure there was nothing expired going back in.  (Only found 1 expired item)  The shelves themselves are glass so they got a good scrubbing to make sure any drips that were on them were all gone.  The fruit and veggie drawers were emptied and given a good scrubbing too.  Then there is another drawer for cheese and meat that got all spiffed up too.  That whole task took almost 2 hours.

Today, I am going to tackle our upright deep freeze.  Every time I open it, I step away from the door.  There is so much in there, things have a habit of spilling out when it is opened.  I need an inventory of what is in there so I can make better menus to start using up the older meat that is in there.  That should take me another couple of hours today.

My goal for tomorrow is to clean out the bottom freezer of our fridge.  My big hope is to be able to move some things from that freezer into the deep freezer, once it is organized again.

I have not done this for well over a year.  I do wipe up spills when they occur but to totally empty and clean is not something I do often.  The nice thing about doing these three areas is, I do not get exceedingly hot doing them.  All that nice cold air keeps me cool while working.  

My real goal for this week was to go through my kitchen again, to remove items that are not being used.  Even though I did this just a few months ago, I still feel like there is an overload of unused items in there.  Some of it might be the fact I have quite a few baking pans that only get used in the winter time.  I refuse to use my oven when it is 100 plus degrees outside.  So, maybe, the kitchen just needs to be reorganized.  I could move all those winter only items to an area all by themselves.  Gosh!  What a great idea.  I am so glad I came on here today to think this through.  That makes so much sense.  I only bake for about 4 months out of the year.  But, during those 4 months I do A LOT of baking.  Brilliant!

After I complete the deep freeze today, I am going to hit that pool.  Hubby and I got into it yesterday and it was so refreshing.  That is only the second time this season I have been in the water.  We have been so busy with travel, I kind of got out of the habit of making it part of my routine.

Is anyone else doing some deep cleaning during the hot months of the summer?

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  1. we just moved and I want to keep the decluttering spirit going. I feel like I still own too much stuff. The movers commented on it.....yikes!

  2. Marsha...you are inspiring me. Since we moved her over a year ago now (whoa time flies!), I have just done "functional" cleaning, but this house (especially the kitchen) is a dust and pet hair magnet. I need to get things done. A deep cleaning is in order for the next sunny day!

  3. I'm currently going back and forth between cleaning and decluttering. I understand not decluttering while deep cleaning, but I have to combine the two or I'll not make the kind of progress I need to. Hopefully your freezer is organized now. I use a white board on the front of mine to keep track of what's in there. I love my upright freezer.

    1. Oh, a white board is a great idea. Thanks for the idea. This upright freezer is my second one. The first one lasted 20 years.


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