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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Year in Review....My 10th year


My 10th year of the Year of Projects is completed.  This is my review of what I did over the past 52 weeks.


Easy Does It - Started July 2 Finished July 18
Reyna Shawl with beads - Started October 31 Completed November 18
Boneset - (started 9-25 completed 10-5-2020)
Wolf Lichen - Started 7-26 completed 8-3-2020
Mehujaa - Started 4-1 completed 5-31


Hermione Everyday Socks (Started 7-19 completed 9-19)
Car Socks ( started 9-25-2020 completed 11-13)
Butterbeer socks (my design) - started 4/13/20 completed 7/1/20
Rose City Roller Socks ( 2 pair as of 2-28-21)
Car Socks  started 3/23/21 completed 4-24-21


Granny's Favorite Dishcloth -1
DW Dishcloth -3
Copycat Dishcloth -1
Garter Stitch Cloth -1
Eye of Partridge/Garter -2


It Really Fits Cardigan - started 9/23/19 Completed 12/19/20
Seeded Band Hat - started 12/24/20 completed 12/25/20
Percussion Hat - Started 11/4/20 completed 11/18/20


Madonna & Child (started 8-7-2020)
Friends are a Treasure (Started 9-6-2020 Finished 3-18-2021)
All things are Possible with God (Started 3-23-21)


Kidsilk Haze Shawl - started 9/20/19 FROGGED

Boxy Sweater (my design) - started 11/7/15
Summer Lace Stole - started 6-13-21
TAAT Car Socks - started 5-6-21


To the Point -  for Prayer Shawls - made 5
Socks Scrap Granny Stripe - will make this into lapghans (Started 7-2-2020)
Ripple Lapghan (Started 3-20-21 completed 3-23-21)
Face Masks -  42 made

As always, if something else catches my eye, I will make it.

Coasters (made 6)
Havana Blanket (Started 8-8-2020 Completed 1-18-21)
Tarragon the Dragon (Started 2-16-13 completed 2-25-21)
Victorian Lace squares - 4 
Fred the Frog (started 3-4-21 Finished 3-18-2021)
Mask Mates (Made 2)

If you were to ask me what my favorite item was.......I am not sure I could pick a favorite.  I loved doing the Havana blanket.
It was the first time to do mosaic crochet and it is addictive.

Tarragon the dragon was so much fun to do and my Grand really loves him.

Making toys is not something I plan on doing a lot of, but this was fun.

I am most proud of finishing my It Really Fits Cardigan.

It was the first adult sized cardigan I had ever made.  

To add things up, there were a total of 42 items either knit or crocheted, 1 counted cross stitch and 42 cloth masks made this past year.  The one good thing that came out of this pandemic was the extra at home time to work on my crafts.  

My list for next year is completed..............I think.  Come back next week to see what I hope to accomplish over the next 52 weeks.

Until Next Time................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS:  It was pretty hot this past week so I just worked on light weight things.  I did have a finish.

Just another dishcloth.  This time it is for me.  It is figured into the above count too.  OK, that is all.


  1. What a great year. I love your Havana too, amazing you did a big sized one and so many other items. You are such a generous crafter as well with your donations and gifts. I do love the wee purple dragon too. I suppose you don't have much need for knitted sweaters where you are but a cardigan is always such an ideal garment to throw on and stay cosy.

  2. Your Havana blanket was HUGE!! Neat that you tried and love mosaic knitting. That will be a future goal of mine. A busy year with much accomplished.

  3. I had no idea you had gotten all that done...I see your posts every week but when you list them like that it's truly amazing! Plus, I k now you bake and clean and have church and social activities....you are a go getter! The Havanna blanket is stunning and your shawls and socks are always so pretty. You pick out luscious yarns! The dragon is so cute! Congratulations on a humdinger of a YOP year! You should get a prize! I can't wait to see your list for this coming year!

  4. I love your Havana too. I love all our Havanas!! lol. Your cardigan is so great as is that awesome dragon. It is very hot here too, so I am blogging rather than knitting. I don't even want to knit cotton cause my sweaty hands make the needles feel yucky. We rarely have weather this hot so I should't really complain - but I do want to cast on a shawl and Tour de Fleece has started but feeding fibre in the heat is sticky work too!! Can't wait to see you progress (and cooking and gardening) next YOP year.

  5. Oh my! I think I completely missed your It Really Fits Cardigan. That is just beautiful, Marsha! I'm so glad you showed your Havana again. It's a beauty, too. :) I'm reminded how much I love the twisted fringe you did on it. And Tarragon is so cute! I'm going to ask you about that dishcloth pattern now. You've introduced me to one of my favorites (The DW Waltrip). Maybe this could become a favorite, too. It certainly is pretty.

  6. An amazing amount accomplished - you should be very pleased with yourself!

  7. Marsha, I think it's so cool that you've been doing YOP for 10 years. Wow. I LOVE that Havana blanket and the little dino! Your cardigan looks super! Those projects I started back in 2018 when I first joined YOP? NEVER finished them lol...my poor hands couldn't handle the knitting!


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