Sunday, June 20, 2021



This is it.  This is the last week to show you my weekly progress.  Next week I will do a summary of what was accomplished in the past year.  If by some miracle there is a finished object before next Sunday, I will post about that too.  

Let's take a look at what happened this week.  

I started this project last Sunday after trying another pattern with the same yarns.  This will be for a special person in my life who makes me laugh even on my darkest days.  My daughter!  She loves the color orange and so do I.  Unfortunately, I am not able to wear orange as it makes me look quite jaundice.  She, on the other hand, looks lovely in that color.  The dark line is not a shadow.  That is the secondary yarn changing color.

These are the two yarns being used to make the shawl.  See how the beige yarn has light and dark in it?  That is how the dark line got made in the stole.  

With our weather reaching 118F (48C) this past week, it got a bit too warm to work on the stole.  So, I pulled out my sugar wheel cotton yarn and made a new dishcloth.

This one was so much fun to do.  It is my own design.  I used the eye of partridge pattern that I normally use on sock heel flaps and separated it with rows of garter.  I gave it to our daughter last night and she loved it.  It was a quick knit and gave me something to do during our heat wave.

I pulled out one of the cross stitch projects and worked on it for a bit too.

It is slow going.  But then, I am in no hurry to complete it.  Since we will be having exceedingly hot days for the next few weeks (months), this will probably see much more love.  It might even get completed!

As for other vertigo has gotten much better.  I have an appointment on Monday with the physical therapist and am hoping that will take care of the remaining issues I am having.  I am now on week 3.5 of this stuff.  It is not something I would want anyone to experience.  Although, from the comments on my previous posts, it seems, many of you have had it once or twice.

There has been a lot of bread making this week.  One loaf for us, one loaf for our daughter's husband (he loves my bread) and one loaf for our son's family (they love it too).  The last loaf is finishing up as I am typing this.  The last loaf finally used up the last of my pandemic yeast as well as the pandemic bread flour.  Don't worry, we bought more flour and yeast a few months ago.  I am never without bread makings.

I finally got into our pool last night.  It is just too dang hot to get into it during the day.  It felt so good too.  There was just a slight breeze that really cooled me down.  In fact, I got a bit chilled.  

Today is Father's day and we had planned on going to our son's house this afternoon for smoked ribs and watching some basketball.  Not sure that will be happening now.  His A/C went out and he is having problems finding someone to come out and fix it.  Hopefully, someone out there is willing to work on a Sunday.

This coming week will be busy for us.  We have solar people coming out to install more of our solar panel system.  I need to get some clothes for my mother in law as we are going to see her a week from tomorrow.  There are normal household chores to be completed before we leave next Sunday.  

Are you interested in joining our Year of Projects group?  Do you knit, crochet, sew, paint, needlepoint, spin, weave, cross stitch or do any other crafty work?  Come on over to Ravelry and join us at Year of Projects.  You will meet some of the most interesting people from all over the world.

Until Next Time.......................Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. I'm so glad your vertigo is getting better. I only had it full blown once - touch wood!
    I love your cross stitch and the pool sounds wonderful at the moment.

  2. I like the subtle stripe against the stripes of the pattern. The dishcloth pattern looks a nice change from the usual ones I keep making. I don’t know eye of partridge so will have to look that up tomorrow as it’s getting late here, I honestly don’t know how the roads don’t melt in those temperatures you are getting, I think Dubai is the hottest place I’ve been and I don’t think it was that hot.

  3. Glad to hear your vertigo is getting better. I was always lucky that the "hang head over edge of bed/turn from one side to the other quickly" solved mine. A co-worker though took months (also not sure if he was milking it to stay on disabiity as he didn't want to retire). Orange is such a great color. I do love all fall colors!! Jeez 118F!!! Thankfully it never gets anywhere near that hot here.

  4. I'm glad you are feeling better, now for it to completely go away!! why does AC go out when it's the hottest of days?????

  5. Love all your craft projects. I was intrigued by the eye of the partridge pattern. Will be looking that one up.

  6. So happy your vertigo is finally going away! I had it once and it was terrible and mine didn't last as long as yours. I adore that shawl and your daughter and mine are the same. She too loves orange and I do too but I can't wear it just like you!
    I heard about the heat you were having....we're in the 90's now here which is way too hot but the humidity isn't bad yet. Only 15 weeks left until Fall! LOL! I can't wait!
    YOur dish cloth is so pretty. I always love everything you do. Your cross stitch is's just like the church in my hometown that I attended as a child and it is still there. I hope your son gets his AC fixed...those are dangerous temps! That's too bad they had to cancel the BBQ. You are a busy gal and I am always amazed at all you get done! Have a great week and stay cool!

  7. WOW, Arizona is HOT. I hear "its a dry heat", but I'm certain that at that hot it no longer matters!!
    Here on the east coast, its humid like a wet blanket! Regardless, I'm sure the pool felt amazing.
    I like the dishcloth! It looks easy to memorize, but has a great elegant simplicity.
    And the colors of that shawl are really nice! Once the shadow-y stripe pattern is established it will look cool!!

  8. Glad you are on the mend, and super glad you made it into your pool. I miss swimmng and I hope that once I am two weeks past this second dose I will head back to the pool with confidence. I love the little stitch project. At first read I thought it said It might get complicated! lol I guess that is a freudian slip as I think all the fine work is very complicated for by brain!


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