Wednesday, June 23, 2021



This has been such a great week for me.  I went to physical therapy on Monday and found out the vertigo problem was in my right ear.  After being 'worked' on for an hour, I was sent home with exercises to do and told to take it easy for the rest of the day.  Tuesday, I drove for the first time in 22 days.  It was so awesome.  Today (Wednesday) I went back to physical therapy for a follow up appointment and was told the 'crystals' were all back in place and all I need to do now is the exercises at home as needed.

I am so happy that is basically over.  I still get a little wonky now and then but that is because my eyes and brain still think I have 'crystals' out of place and are trying to compensate for it.  Hence the home exercises I have.

This has been a busy week for for Casa de Noce.  Monday, we had a crew come out to place the solar panels on the house.  Today we got a subpanel as well as the load capacitor for the solar unit.  All that is left is for the electric company to inspect everything and give us the OK to turn it all on.  Hopefully that will all happen in the next couple of weeks.

Today we got a bit of a break from our brutal heat.  We got RAIN!  I had almost forgotten what it was like.  We are in an extreme drought here, so any moisture is welcomed.  We have 20 active fires going on around the state.

See what I mean?  All those flames represents a fire in our state.  We need rain so badly.  I feel for the fire fighters working on these fires with all their equipment on and the temperatures well above 100F most days.   Heroes, everyone of them. 

On to some lighter news.  Tuesday, while I was out driving, we went to Kohl's to get my MIL some new pants and a couple of new cardigan sweaters.  We hit the jackpot and were able to get everything we needed and it was all on sale!  We also went to WalMart to pick up "fresh pet" dog food for my babies.  It is what they get served while we are out of town.  They love it and that way the dog sitter does not have any issues with them refusing to eat.  Hubby and I also went to lunch while I was enjoying my day out.  We ended up at my BFF's house to see her new flooring they had done last week.  

I have been enjoying the rain today and doing some light crafting.  My cross stitch has seen quite a bit of love.  Then there is some simple knitting.

Another dishcloth is being made.  I am sure it will be done later tonight or tomorrow sometime.  This one is being made for me.  

Tomorrow, I will be starting a couple of days of dog sitting.  This will give me quite a bit of crafting time.  There might even be another dishcloth after this one.  Who knows.  I am always happy to have finished items, no matter how small they are.  When I am not dog sitting, I will be getting us ready to leave for a friends vacation on Sunday.  That means, lots of laundry, packing, and cleaning.  We already have the food items we will need for the rode trip, so that is one thing off the to do list.  

This will probably be our last trip for a while.  Hubby has a trip planned for himself in September and I may decided to take a trip that month too.  His is for a conference and mine would be for my high school 50th!  Yes, I am that old!  Otherwise, I think we will be homebodies for a while again.  

That is all for today.  I have a little dog next to me snoring away.

Yes, he is due for a toenail trim this week too.  

Until next time...................................................


  1. I'm glad PT helped (it helped my dad with the same issues). Isn't it nice to feel back to normal? I would think so!!

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better Marsha. I can't imagine going through that and not being able to drive, seriously...if I couldn't drive we wouldn't eat. You've inspired me to stock up the pantry! Your little critter is adorable snoozing away there!!! I really hope you get more rain!


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