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Sunday, November 29, 2020



Hello again.  I hope your week was a good one.  For those of you in the US, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving day.  Ours was very nice.  We spent it with our son and his family.  There were only 5 of us for dinner.  Kind of felt strange not having upwards of 12 people there this year.

There has not been much progress made on my projects.  Out of 7 days I only picked up my knitting/crocheting 3 times.  I will show you what I mean.

Our temps finally got chilly enough for me to pick up the Havana again.  As you can see from the green arrow, I only managed to get 3 rows completed on it.

Reyna only received 4 rows of love this week also.  I feel bad for not being able to do more on either of these.  

So what did I do all week? 

There was laundry to do, bread to bake, sweet treats to make, a Christmas Tree to put up, some visiting to be done, Thanksgiving to be enjoyed and 2 days of not feeling well.  

I did do something this week that made me very happy.

I made a loaf of sourdough bread.  This is the first time I had tried it in a loaf pan.  It took 16 hours from start to finish.  I now know why sourdough is a more expensive bread at the stores.  It is labor intensive..............but oh so worth it.

And this is what it looked like when hubby and I had it for lunch.

It was very tasty with the right amount of sourdough flavor in it.  Now, I am collecting recipes to use the discarded starter so as not to keep throwing that away everyday.

Do any of you like eggnog?  For most, it is either love it or hate it.  Hubby and I love it as does our son who hosted Thanksgiving.

This is our absolute favorite eggnog.  Trust me, we have tried many eggnogs over the years and this wins hands down.  It already has the alcohol in it too, which makes it so convenient. I have made eggnog from scratch and this is the closest I can find that tastes like it.  It is our tradition to drink a glass of this while decorating the Christmas tree.  We also enjoy this in the quiet of the evening when watching a Christmas movie.  It may seem funny, but once Christmas and New Years are over, I no longer care about having a glass of this.

That is all for today.  This coming week is kind of up in the air.  Josie is back to virtual school until after Christmas.  Her dad is on a business trip this next week and I am not sure what my schedule will be with her.  Normally I head over there around lunch time and eat with her and then hang around until her mom comes home from work.  That way, if she needs help with any homework, I am available for her.................unless it is math.  Then we call my hubby for his expertise.  I will know my schedule later today after they work it all out.  Other than that, I still have the inside of the house to decorate for Christmas, one load of laundry to do and menus to make for the next week to 10 days.

Until Next Time................................Happy Crafting & Stay Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I do love eggnog as does my son who still lives at home (for a few more months). I even have egg nog spike that I made. The more it ages the better it tastes.

    I see you have the cat row counter as well. I adore these row counters but sadly the tail on this one keeps catching on my knitting. Not sure what I can do other that to wrap yarn around it so as to fill up the space. Hopefully it will be less of an issue when I stop carrying the yarn along as my stripes get wider on my sweater.

  2. I don’t recall trying eggnog the year I lived in the US, so perhaps the family I lived with were haters of it. I have never tried to make sourdough but it looks delicious. I have been reading about everyone decorating for Christmas I suppose I should start thinking about it!

  3. Well, those are three very fine rows you finished on your Havana. I do love your colors! :) Your sourdough bread loaf looks beautiful. I'm glad it had a great taste, too. Eggnog. I haven't had it in years. I remember having it as a child and I'm thinking my mom poured it out of a carton. No alcohol. ;^)

  4. I love eggnog! I've never seen that kind but then I live in a dry county so that could be why! LOL! We used to have Brandy Alexanders too on Christmas Day and they are yummy! The Havanna is amazing! You've been busy between Thanksgiving, Josie, Christmas, and your sourdough! The sourdough loaf is amazing! You got a beautiful rise out of it. I use the leftovers for pancakes and you can freeze them.
    Have a great week!

  5. I've been knitting more than usual this past week and I've been enjoying the peace that it gives me while I'm in the moment. We had a calm weekend where nothing happened.

  6. My sourdough gets put on hold frequently, I couldn't keep up with all the discard!
    I store my discard in the fridge. Most of the time I make waffles. But I have also made crackers, pretzels, pancakes (which the kids HATED), chocolate chip cookies (very biscuity), and pizza dough.

  7. Egg nog! Love it and hate it. Love the taste, hate the calories! Hahaha! My son makes his own but I have never had it. Next few weeks are very busy for each of us! Make time for yourself!

  8. Oh my you have been busy so no wonder crafting took a back seat. I love your Havana colours. Your sourdough looks amazing. I tried a few times but trying to make a good gluten free one was definitely a challenge. I am glad you got to have some family with you for Thanksgiving. We are hoping our son can come for Christmas, but with the cases rising so quickly in his province I am starting to think it won't happen.

  9. I love eggnog, though I have never tried it with alcohol, as we usually had it Christmas morning, when we see my Dad's side of the family who doesn't drink. Maybe a benefit to having Christmas by myself this year!

  10. What a fancy eggnog bottle. I've had it once long ago and it has an interesting taste. I am going to have to try to make bread or rolls this winter as I have packs of active yeast in the cabinet.


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