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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Not Happening


I had really hoped I would find a few extra minutes this week to get to declutter a bit of the house.  That is not going to happen.  Instead, life is going to happen and I am going to let it.

Sunday, I received a rolling cart to hold my stand mixer, Ninja Foodi and bread machine.  I had all three of those 'small' appliances sitting on my kitchen counters.  That left me a very small amount of space for food prep.  It was making me crazy!  When I am working in the kitchen, I want to be able to move from space to space without restrictions.  This cart has made my kitchen so much easier to work in.

Here is a photo of the cart.  I did not put a handle on the left side of it as that butts up to my countertop.  My stand mixer and Foodi sit on top and the bread machine is behind the doors.  The bread machine is super light and easy to move.  The mixer and foodi, not so much.  In fact, I moved the mixer about 5 days ago and totally messed up my shoulder doing it.  Those big Kitchen Aid mixers are HEAVY.  

Now that my counter tops are open again, I am having a blast in the kitchen.  Yesterday I made apple peanut butter snack bars.  My sour dough is out of the fridge and on the counter getting regular feedings so I can make a lovely loaf on Friday.  There will be 2 loaves of my favorite bread made tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner.  There is also a good possibility I will be making an apple pie tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner too.  (Waiting to see if the Pie Guy, my cousin, is going to make it to our dinner or not)

That is part of the reason there will be no decluttering this week.  The other reason is, Friday, hubby and I will be decorating the inside and outside of our home for Christmas.  This normally takes us 2-3 days to complete. This will be the first year ever, we will not have any visitors in our home during the holidays.  That seems so surreal to me.  Yet, I refuse to cut down on the amount of decorating we normally due. That is ok, cause the hubs and I will enjoy our decor.  

Next week, I have dog and teen duty so decluttering will not be part of my life then either.  Actually, looking at my calendar, I do not see a lot of decluttering time before the first of the year.  Hmmmmm, for being on restrictions, we seem to be awfully busy over the next 6 weeks.  Lots of baking and candy making are on the to do list.  That does not involve being around people.....well other than to deliver said baked goods and candy.

So, if I am absent from blogging other than on Sundays, you will be able to find me in my kitchen having so much fun and making lots of yummy goodies for others.

Until next time.................................................. 


  1. Two thoughts.

    1) You've totally got the idea behind this no-stress decluttering business.

    2) I look forward to the day I have enough counter space to put my inherited Kitchen Aid Mixer on it. It is soooo heavy.

    Okay, 3 thoughts.

    3) Have a very happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Where did you order your rolling cart from? I really like it and have been looking for one.

    1. It is from Amazon. It is one of the Dolly Madison carts. There are several sizes. I got a small one as it is all the room I had for it.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I got out the Christmas knick knacks over the weekend. This afternoon will be the tree, fingers crossed!

  4. Having been born and raised in Wisconsin, I always get a kick out of X-mas decorations in the South. I mean, there's no snow. Of course, the way the planet is changing, we barely have snow for the holidays either.

    I need to get decluttering. We had a realtor come in the other day, and he did comment on the clutter.

    I love your solution for kitchen appliances. Like you, I like lots of counter space. I hope we can find a house with a decent kitchen. I love the one we have now!

  5. I love the look of that cabinet! Just perfect with wheels! If I needed one, that is just what I would get.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Marsha!! I love the cart, I've always wanted one for my kitchen!!


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