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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Making Space

 Well hello there.  This is my weekly update on my making space.  Here is a quick look at what I have pulled to be removed from my home this week.

Did you see it all?  What?  You can not see anything?  Really?  Look closely.

Maybe it is because I am not home much this week.  When I am home, it is to make dinner and do some minor household chores.  I am on Dog/Teen duty this week.  This means I am out of the house by 10 and not home until 5:30-6.  This does not leave me much time to declutter.  

Next week, I will back to a more normal schedule.  That means I will have quite a bit of time to go back into declutter mode.  Fingers crossed, I will just double my efforts then.

Until next time......................................................................


  1. Well, you had me there for a couple of seconds thinking you were hiding the picture. :) Enjoy your week with your granddaughter and granddog!

  2. So I missed the first week entirely!! This week I posted on this challenge but followed it up with a post about Halloween and my grand daughter - so when people visit my blog I think they totally miss the post on decluttering. So don't feel bad about this week being an off week. It is a marathon - not a sprint.

  3. you're still doing things! I guess life gets busy doesn't it?

  4. You are too funny! I did nothing this week but try and finalize Christmas gifts and projects and supplies.


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