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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winding Down

Now that the company is gone, laundry is pretty well caught up and I have managed to get more than 4 hours of sleep per night, I feel like my live is as back to normal as it is going to get for a while.

My brother in law is coming to town tomorrow and will be staying with us until Sunday. Granted, we won't see much of him as he has tickets for lots of sporting events over those 4 days. On the day he leaves, we will have a small group of great friends from Las Vegas come to our house for an afternoon/evening of food and fun.  I love this group of friends because the lone female in the group is also a knitter and we just sit and knit and chat the day away.  What a joy for both of us to have that in common.

I am still taking care of my son's cats and fish and will be until the 5th of January.  It isn't much work as the cats really do not want to be social often.  I can sit in their house for over an hour and they won't grace me with their presence.  Silly beasts!

As for crafting...........................remember this?

I was cleaning out my knitting basket, on Monday, and found this stuck in a bag in the bottom of the basket.  I picked it back up and have worked on it for the past 2 days.  I decided to make it larger than the pattern called for.  I have pretty broad shoulders and wanted this to be able to reach the end of them.  The increases were completed last night and I will start on decreasing today. 

I really have enjoyed working with beads and the designer writes and charts so even the least experienced knitter can understand what she means.  She is holding KAL's this year and I plan on joining her for them.  The first one starts in January and goes until the end of February.  She gives you a choice of patterns to use and you can decide on what fiber to use for your pattern.  We basically will have an open discussion on our patterns and how things are going.  I have a few of her patterns in my library but am waiting for her newest test knit to be published so I can do that one for the first KAL.

This week I decluttered my kitchen and even cleaned my fridge!  I got rid of everything I had not used since the remodel of the kitchen.  It has been over a year now and if I have not used it by now.................it isn't going to be used.  What a wonderful feeling to get rid of 'stuff'.  That's what brought me to cleaning out my knitting basket.  There was some of the strangest things in there.  I found paperwork for my mom's wheelchair and hospital bed along with Christmas cards from this year.  There were also several magazines that I was holding onto to get recipes and articles for organization out of them.  Those pages have been ripped out now and are waiting to be scanned into a special file on my computer.

There is so much I really want to do in the next few weeks, but alas.....................it will need to wait until the middle of February.  I leave for Las Vegas on the 8th and return on the 12th then turn around on the 25th and head to New Orleans and return on February 14th.  Good thing I have lots of knitting projects that will keep me busy while I am on the move.  I am hoping to have the shawl done for the Vegas trip.  It will be perfect to keep my neck and shoulders warm while under those lovely A/C vents that seem to pump out cool air year round.  I will probably be traveling with my KAL and some socks.  Socks travel so well.  I might even take along my cotton yarn to make some much needed dishcloths for my Mother in Law.  Who know.  I just know the beaded project is NOT a traveling item.  Those little beads would be EVERYWHERE!

I need to sit down and make out some menus too.  I would like to have some decent meals before I leave and maybe even make enough to freeze some for while Hubby is home alone.  That saves him some time trying to make food for one and it gives him a wholesome meal.

I just got home from the Veterinarians office.  The puppies needed a mani/pedi.  It is so nice not to hear the click, click, click of little toe nails on my floors.  The best part............the Vet is only 1/4 mile from my house.  If I had known how nice it was outside today, I would have taken them for a walk to the office.  Guess I should stick my head out the door once in a while, huh.

That is about all for me today.  Time to go and knit a bit before my Weight Watchers meeting.  Until next time.......................................Happy Crafting.


  1. By the time I get to the comments section I can't remember everything as you are so productive! LOL! I take it that is a shawl...at first I thought it was a sweater when you talked about your shoulders. Ruth used to be on YOP and she used to have a blog with all her children and their goings on and her knitting, crocheting and cross stitch but then she went into her business and that was the end of her personal blogging.
    I'm not a lacy shawl person...not even a shawl person really unless it can be wrapped around the neck. They would be falling off of me and getting into my dishwater or my paint can! LOL! But I can appreciate the beauty of them and they are fun to knit. I am doing the Wardrobe Architect series and trying to sew/knit items that I will use and that will create a wardrobe that is consistent with my taste and lifestyle. I do have one shawl that I use for reading in bed after I turn the temp down at night and I have another one on the needles but nothing lacy as it will be used for the same purpose. I am not a "lacy" type gal but I do love Ruth's designs and the ones with beads are exquisite.
    Your cleaning and purging is exactly what I will be doing come the first of the year. I'm still doing Christmas and birthdays here...lol! I am much, much slower than you. But I am cleaning my frig today...it's on "the list"....that is the never-ending list of household chores! LOL! Have a great time with your company and enjoy your travels!

  2. Thank you for dropping by! If you don't mind some spiciness the dakdoritang is for you. I used gochujang sauce that I find at Costco. If you use the paste there will definitely be a bigger kick.


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