YOP LIST 2024-2025

Wednesday, July 19, 2023



Do you see that?  Not even 2pm and already 115F!  Downtown Phoenix has hit 117F.  We are about 20 miles from there.  

Today, I made a better choice of activities.  I have tortillas left from yesterday so no need to make more for tonight's dinner.  There are also leftover Pinto Beans so the only thing I need to do for dinner is throw the boneless country ribs in the instant pot and cook them up.  The only 'strenuous' thing I did was a load of towels.  Otherwise here is what is going on at our house.

Watching Stargate SG-1..............again.  It has been a while since binging the series.  Besides, who doesn't like a little Richard Dean Anderson action adventure.

Time to work on socks again.  *sigh*  Will they ever get done?  Maybe.

Until next time.................happy crafting!


  1. But it's a dry heat! It is true that humidity is worse on the body because when you sweat it has no where to go whereas where you live sweating evaporates off your body therefore cooling you (a bit anyway).
    I really feel for the people who work outside, the animals, and those who don't have AC. TV makes me sleepy so I don't watch it during the day although I will watch a podcast on my pc while I eat lunch.
    Stay cool!!!

  2. those temps are crazy!! I am ever so thankful for AC during these weird weather days. I love when I have little to nothing to do for a dinner for two.


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