Sunday, March 13, 2022



Hey there.  Nice to have you back again.  Hope your week was good.  Mine was interesting.  Here is some of what happened.


These are now on the gusset.  Nope, they do not match 100%.  No, I don't really care.  They are going to be in my shoes so only a small portion of the rolled top will show.


Only added about 4 rows on this.  But when you realize there are 236 stitches in each round, that makes for some progress.

The cross stitch did not get touched at all.  This past week was mostly spent on finishing up the remodel of the bathrooms.  And yes, they are completed...............sort of.  

This is the master bath.

And here is the guest bath.

You can read all about the adventures of the final days of the remodel here.

I finished up getting a few decorations for the guest bath as well as a new shower curtain and towels to go with the 'beach' theme I have chosen to be in there.  The master bath does not have a 'theme'.  Since it is open to our bedroom, it goes with what the bedroom colors are.  I do one thing to kind of separate it from the bedroom......

Putting a curtain rod with sheer panels on it give a bit of separation between the two spaces.  

On Wednesday, hubby and I spent 6 hours out and about getting the finishing touches for the bathrooms.  That meant on Thursday, I got to go out alone for 3 hours to return items that did not work and find things that would.  Let me tell you.......remodeling is not for sissies.

Housework has not been happening for the past 4 weeks.  Why bother to dust and vacuum when the next day workers tramp through the house and bring in all sorts of dust and grime.  So, on Friday, hubby cleaned and I did copious loads of laundry to get the house back in shape.  We have company coming in next weekend and we needed to have everything ready for them.

Menus are completed, groceries have been bought, the guest beds have clean sheets ready to go on them and the guest bath is ready for company too.  Phew!  

I have not given you an update on the Aero-Garden for a while.  Today is day 56 of the gardening.  It has gone quite well.  Our two lettuce pods produced up until yesterday. I finally harvested the last of the lettuce from them.  We have used nothing but that lettuce for over a month.  What a joy it has been to just go into our front room and cut off leaves for salads, tacos and sandwiches.  Here is how it looks now.

The basil is still going strong and I have harvested off of it 3-4 times.  The smell of it is lovely too.

The tomato buds are kind of hard to see here.  But, both plants are loaded with the little yellow flowers.  We check it each day hoping to see actual tomatoes coming to life.  These tomato plants are big and strong.  I am amazed at how healthy they are.

When they started to come up, I was instructed to remove all but one stalk.  As big as these babies are, I now know why.  Next time I plant, I will not do two tomato plants next to each other.  In fact, I will probably only do one plant and on one side as one plant will take up an entire side by itself.  I am happy we finally got one of these.  The temptation is to get another one only bigger so I can grow more veggies.  This is my type of gardening!

Yesterday, hubby had a meeting at church all morning.  I took the time to finish up the copious amounts of laundry and pick up the 6 items needed for this weeks menus.  We went to Mass last night and then enjoyed a relaxing evening with a lovely home cooked meal.  Today we have chosen to do only what brings us joy.  For me, I will be working on my 3 projects that are by my chair.  Hubby will be watching a golf tournament.  A perfect way to begin our week.

Until Next Time...............................Happy Crafting & Pray for Peace!!!!!!!


  1. Novel, 2 sinks in the guest bathroom, 1 in the master bathroom. Ours is opposite. Glad the aero gardening has worked for you. I can never get my stripes to match perfectly no matter how I try. Close is good!

  2. I have so many socks like that! I feel the same way, it’s in my shoe and no one sees it! Although I am trying to get better about making matching pairs as I’ve started gifting them to my mother and my daughter. The bathrooms look great!

  3. Yourcbathrooms look great and worth the upheaval. Your socks are looking really good and you can tell they are a pair which is all the really matters!

  4. Your remodelling is lovely. Well done on the idea of the curtain to separate the bathroom from the bedroom. Looks very chic!

  5. Your socks are so pretty and the Vixynn is like my knit and knit and it seems like you're getting no where! LOL! Your bathrooms turned out lovely and the Aero garden is going gangbusters!

  6. Hoorah for finished remodeling. Clean and fresh they are. I like the colors of your RCR and how awesome to harvest your own lettuce and that it lasted for a month. My husband picked up butter lettuce at Costco today along with lox so we had lox, sliced red onions, and capers in butter lettuce cups today.

  7. So glad for you that all the remodeling is finished. And in time for guests! I love all the different mirrors. I'm sure you're enjoying the new bathrooms. And your aero garden is amazing! 56 days already?!? I'm pretty amazed you can grow a tomato plant in that. I look forward to seeing some of your tomato harvest. I can see why you'd like to get another - and bigger one. What fun. And healthy, too.

  8. The Aero Garden is really neat Marsha! And the socks are pretty. Oh I envy your bathrooms! Mine really needs to redo, but that's not in the cards for a few years from now. I love the cabinets!

  9. do I need an aero garden?? I might... Love the bathrooms, what a lot of work but it was so worth it!!

  10. Whew....I'm tired thinking about all you've been working on. Good headway with your stitching and the bathroom. Love the idea of the curtain, very creative on your part. It's fun to see the progress of your garden. Hope things calm down a bit for you, as you wrap up the loose ends with the bathroom.

  11. The bathrooms transformed and looking fabulous. What a clever thing your aero garden is…and so quick. I forgot to mention about your ice cream maker, another brilliant gadget to your collection. I have gadget envy.


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