Sunday, March 6, 2022



Hello again and welcome.  There is much going on so let's get this thing rolling.

Last week I started on a cross stitch kit.  It had been sitting around the house for a while and I was just not feeling the urge to work on any type of knit or crochet project.

It has received quite a bit of love this past week.  Cross stitch is not a 'fast' project but it is certainly fun to watch it take shape.  There is still a lot of work to do on this.  I do enjoy working on this each day.

Remember my Vixynn sweater?

I put it on the other day and was just not happy with where this 'empire' waist hit me.  It is waaaaay to low to really be an empire and did nothing for my figure.  Not that my figure is anything to write home about but this did not help it at all.  So, I did this:

I frogged It back to about 2 inches below the armholes.  And here is where it is as of this morning.

The red arrow is where it was after frogging it.  So, I have done the decorative rows that start the bottom ruffle.  I also went down one needle size as the bottom of this sweater was just a tad too big for my liking.  I really want this to fit well as it is quite comfy and will be perfect for our warmer days that are coming.

My Las Vegas knitting friend and I were texting each other a couple of days ago.  She sent me a photo of an RCR sock she had completed.  It was her first RCR sock and she was quite excited about it.  That was all the inspiration I needed.  Into my craftroom I went and looked through my stash to find something to spark my joy.

RCR socks are on the needles and both are ready for me to start the heels.  With the RCR I do not panic about matching stripes.  If I can get the tops to be almost identical, that is good enough.  The rest of the sock is stuck inside a tennis shoe or Croc and is not seen by anyone but myself.  This yarn is Cozy Toes from Hobby Lobby in the colorway April Zing.  It makes me think of spring and Easter.

That is all the crafting I have done this week.  I did order some yarn for hubby for socks.

This is from Leading Men Fiber Arts.  This is the photo from their website and does not even begin to show how gorgeous the colors are.  The main color is really more of a purple mauve.  Once I finish the socks on the needles I will cast on this loveliness and you will be able to see the colors much better.  Hubby really likes it too.

In other news......................................................

We drained our pool last Sunday.  Well, it actually took until Thursday for it to drain completely.  

See that nasty white line?  That is from our hard water here.  That went all the way around the pool.

The white line on the tile is gone.  The white line on the bottom of the photo is from the 'sand blasting' residue.  It brushed right off the side of the pool and is all gone now.  Our pool guy came out yesterday and cleaned everything up and we are in the process of refilling the pool right now.  It should be done around noon today.  Then we will put the the start up chemicals in it and get it running for several hours to clean up any residue left from the tile cleaning.  After that, hubby will clean the filters and it will be good to go once it the temperatures get warm enough to heat the water so I can jump in.  Probably around June.

On Friday, our bathroom counter tops were delivered and installed.  I would have taken a photo but I really want the bathrooms to be completely done before I drop a photo on here.  Hubby and I painted on Thursday night so the rooms would be all nice and fresh when the counter tops were in.  Our handyman will be back on Monday to finish up installing things like the sinks, lights, towel bars, drawer pulls etc.  It will be nice to have completed bathrooms again.  Right now, hubby and I are using a powder room to do our hair and brush our teeth.  It is the only room with a mirror in it.  I never realized we didn't have any other mirrors in our house other than in our bathrooms.

Today, I will be placing the items to be installed in the rooms they go in.  This will make it easier for our guy to just come in and get it done.  We have one wall we need to paint over again as it did not cover as well as it should have.  I will do that after everything else is completed.  It is just a small area so I can even do it with a brush.

The next items on our big 'to do' list is getting someone to come and lay the flooring in our back room and in our bathrooms. (We have the flooring)  Also, we need to get the house painted again.  It has been 10 or 11 years and with the intensity of our sun in the summer, paint fades quickly here.  So we will be getting quotes on that too.  It never ends, does it.  The last thing will be getting new carpeting for our bedroom.  It is the only room in the house with carpeting and we like stepping out of bed onto a nice soft floor.

Then this afternoon, I will be going to see our Grand Daughter in the a play.  Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.  She is in the ensemble as well as her BFF (our adopted grand daughter).  This is the closing performance so it should be fun to see.  I always loved our closing night shows.  It seemed they were our best shows and we had the most fun with them.

I will leave you with a photo of Enrique.  He is quite the character.

How can this even be comfortable?

Until Next Time.....................................Happy Crafting & Pray for Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ouch. Your sweater reminds me of mine last year when the stripes turned out to be hideous so I ripped back to the underarms. But now I love the sweater with it's better sized stripes. Those purple lavendar socks will be perfect for spring!! Love the color. Best wishes on your pool. Ours is being filled in as we speak. It will be turned into a garden/firepit area over the summer. The concrete pad for the new lappool should be poured this month with the pool arriving in May. I'm looking forward to having the lappool right outside our bedroom door.

  2. LOL, your dog is happily sleeping away. Kudos to you on ripping back that much. What great progress the remodeling is undergoing. That must feel good.

  3. That does not look comfortable!
    No, cross stitch is not fast. My MIL is the only person I know who seems to zip through projects.
    It takes a lot of dedication to rip out that much of a sweater. I tend to be reluctant to do that, but it's always the right thing. Why keep a garment you don't really like?

    1. Good on you for frogging a project that wasn't working for you. I love the new sock yarn and yay for the progress on your renovations. I am sure your will enjoy the play - I did enjoy the book!

  4. That's great that you are remaking your top to your liking. You will get so much more wear out of it.

  5. I'm super tempted to throw in a lifeline on my Wink sweater for this exact reason....but it's been OTN for over 7 years now and I'm just past the armholes. Pathetic, I am. ::sigh::

  6. I hope your sweater mods make you love the sweater even more! I find where things hit on my hips to be weird, I am tallish than most women so its a feature I watch out for.

  7. Definitely better to rip out and have a top you are going to love and wear.


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