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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Making Space and Deep Cleaning


I finally got a week off of dog/teen duty.  My thought was to make good use of this week and get some much needed deep cleaning and decluttering done.  My area to attack.......the kitchen.  Even though I have decluttered it in the past, I still seem to have way too many duplicate items in there.  Not to mention items I have not used in years.  

This box is full and not just with pans and a coffee maker.  There are quite a few knives and cooking utensils in the bottom of this.  I do believe I counted 10 knives, 3 pans, 2 coffee makers, and 15 cooking utensils.  Once I got the drawers and cabinets cleaned out, I vacuumed them to get all those nasty crumbs out of them.  The front of the drawers and cabinets were all scrubbed clean too.  I polished my glass stove top and did a 3 step cleaning, polishing and sealing process on my granite counter tops.  It took me 2 days to complete everything.  My kitchen shines!  I almost hate to cook in there LOL.

This bag is full of tea and tea paraphernalia.  My daughter loves to brew tea the old fashion way.  She will be thrilled to get all of this loose tea.  I have 2 teas I love and did not see any reason to keep tea in my house that will never be used.  That is another 10 items out of my house.  Feels good!

Oh, before you worry about us not having a coffee maker, do not fear.  Hubby decided to go with a Keurig single serve machine.  He would like to cut down on the amount of coffee he drinks each day.  I am not a coffee drinker so it did not matter to me.  I only drink coffee in the winter time and then I only drink 1 cup a few times a week.  Mostly I prefer my tea.  (All of my tea and coffee is decaffeinated because of my allergy to caffeine.)

After all of that, I needed an easy activity.

The baby show gift is all wrapped and card is made and ready to go this weekend.  Hopefully she will love the little sweater set I made for her.  We also got them a front/back baby carrier.  I loved mine and that was 40 plus years ago.  It sure makes going on adventures easy.  I even used mine when I was doing housework.  My youngest did not like to be put down.  It was a win win for both of us.

I am now kicking back and getting ready to work on the shawl for a while.  Enrique is curled up by my legs sound asleep.  Luna is next to me on the couch sleeping also.  It is the perfect setting for some relaxing knitting.

Before I leave, I needed to show you this:

Until next time.........................................................


  1. Way to make things go, Marsha! One of these days I'm going to do a deep dive in the kitchen, but I keep putting it off for some reason. I think because I don't really want to let things go in there. ;^) Your baby gifts are going to be a real hit. And your banana bread made me laugh.

  2. I massively decluttered for this move and I could easily declutter more!! Love when you write about it makes me feel like I should go through more 'stuff'.

  3. Oh! Good for you! My kitchen is going to be a big job when I get to it but like you, I know there is lots I can get rid of. I can imagine you don't wan tot cook in it now! LOL! that's nice that the tea will go to a good home. That shower gift is over the moon. They are going to love it! Glad you get to relax with your babies and your knitting. Love the banana bread recipe! LOL!


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