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Friday, August 13, 2021

Let the Crazies Stop!


This past week was so different.  I was scheduled to do dog sitting all week.  That is not so unusual.  That has been happening twice a month for a while now.  

Monday, I went over to Thor's house to enjoy his company and wait for the teen to come home from school orientation.  She drove to school for the first time and was pretty puffed about it.  School got out at noon and by 1:30 I was starting to get a big concerned as she was still not home.  She walked in the door about 1:35 and stated she got lost coming home.  Seems she was not able to turn like we normally do and got sent in the opposite direction of how we normally come home.  She had her GPS up on her phone but it kept trying to take her down freeways and she was not about to attempt that on her first day out.  I was just glad to see her bright smiling face.

Tuesday I was not needed for dog duty as there was no school that day and no swim practice.  I got to spend the day at home making decorations for the upcoming baby shower.  The teen was also not feeling well with a sore throat, fever, and headache.  Yes, her mom took her in for strep and covid testing.  Both were negative.  THANK GOODNESS!  We got a call that hubby's mom was taken to the hospital for irregular heartbeat.  Luckily, his sister is there and is able to keep us informed of what is happening.

Wednesday I was back on dog duty.  The teen came home at the appointed time and said she felt much better and wanted to go to trivia with us that evening.  She got all her homework completed and we went to trivia.  Halfway through trivia she started to feel very yucky.  I offered to take her home but she refused.  Good thing too.  We won first place thanks to her help.

Thursday I was ready to go dog sitting when I was informed the teen was not going to school but staying home to rest and get better.  No problem.  I always have things I can do around my house.  I managed to get a haircut, do a little window shopping and grocery shopping too.  About 1, I got a call from the teen's dad asking me to go and do a wellness check as no one could get ahold of her.  I was three blocks from her house when she texts me to tell me she just woke up!  Talk about heart stopping moments.  I called her just so I could hear her voice and she sounded sooooo much better than the day before.  I think her body just needed time to rejuvenate itself.  Heard from hubby's mom's doctor and sounds like she will be going back to her skilled nursing home soon.  She had a really bad UTI and is on antibiotics for it.  UTI's in the elderly is not something to mess around with.  Just glad she is on the road to recovery.

Today (Friday), I am back on dog duty.  The teen is back at school.  I have already made the house ready for hubby to vacuum and mop.  Fingers crossed I will get one load of laundry done before I leave.  Otherwise, I will be doing 4 loads again tomorrow.  I have my knitting bagged up and ready to travel with me.  My lunch is packed and ready to go too.  Sounds like we will be going to the airport to pick up our son tonight too.  

I pray, next week will be a bit quieter and more 'normal'.  I would like to finish up the knitting project I have going and start another one that needs to be completed before winter hits in December.  Not sure it will make that deadline, but a girl can dream.

Until next time.................................................................


  1. I love the photo of you both with your granddaughter, so neat that you won at the trivia game!! I'm glad to hear NOBODY has covid, yeesh...must be so scary to wait for those results!! I remember my first drive home after I passed my driving test, I totally got lost and there was no gps in those days! A nice police officer guided me home, thank goodness!!! :)

  2. Glad she's feeling better. It's cute how she competes in Trivia Night with you.


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