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Sunday, September 1, 2019


Summer is still in full swing here in the desert of Arizona.  We are under a heat warning again for the next week.  This is about the time of year I am getting a bit tired of being in the house so much because of the heat.  This will last another 4-6 weeks and then the mornings will become tolerable to sit outside and work on my yarn crafts.

I have a bit of a longer post today as there has been quite a bit going on this week again so let's get started!

I finished hubby's RCR socks.  They have already been worn and washed!  I am so happy he likes them.  Since he is so enamored with them:

I cast on another one right away.  I am doing this pair one at a time instead of concurrently.  It is temporarily on hold for the moment.  This is taking precedent:

Another Wee Sherlock baby sweater.  I need it finished by next Saturday.  A lovely lady at church gave me her leftover yarn.  She made a baby blanket for her next Great Grand Child out of this yarn but, because of her MS is not able to make any more items.  She does not know I am making this to give to the new arrival.  My thought was, she bought the yarn for the baby and therefore, the yarn should be used for that baby.  If I get the sweater done in time, I will also make the hat to match it.  The sweater will be in the bag she asked me to return to her next week.  Hopefully she will like it.

Four more squares were completed this week also.  They are on hold at this time too.

In other news:  I made bread last Monday........................it failed.

That is it sitting on an 11" dinner plate.  It tasted fine, it just did not get the rise I wanted.  So, this morning I tried it again and changed up some things.

These look much better but still not as 'high' as I would like.  My next option is to make it all in one pan instead of two.  I am just worried it will spill over the pan when rising.  Any ideas fellow bread makers?

I had the privilege of dog sitting this past week also.  The puppy is now 13 weeks old and such a fun little thing.  May I present Thor!

I felt bad as the night I stayed with him I was having horrible back spasms.  They were so bad, I could not play with him the way he is used to.  In fact, I could hardly catch my breath when they would hit.  Never have I had this happen before.  I was actually in tears and that made the spasms hurt even more.  I finally fell asleep around 3AM and the next morning they had subsided.  I spent that day doing pretty much nothing as I could feel my back just waiting for me to try something stupid so they could strike again.  Sure did get a lot of knitting done on the new RCR sock!

I have been talking to one of our friends that is weather nut like I am.  Being a meteorologist was a career path I considered but.....................I stink at science and math.  The only science course I excelled at was meteorology and geology.  My general math is excellent but you lost me at Algebra and Geometry.  This could be the reason I ended up in Medical Billing!  General Math all the way around.  

But I digress...............................Back to the weather thing.  My friend was talking about his weather station he has at his house.  It sounded like so much fun.  Being able to see how much rain was at your home (rainfall totals are never accurate from the news stations).  Watching the barometric pressure and wind speed.  All things I love to watch.  I looked into getting a weather station.  The only thing I really wanted though was to be able to tell how much rain we get.  So after much research I got my high tech weather station!

You can commence with your laughter now.  But you have to admit, he is adorable.  If I want to know any other weather info, I can go three blocks south of my house and look at my friends weather station.

Today will be spent working on the baby sweater.  Hubby and I are just going to chill for the day.  Tomorrow is Labor Day here in the US.  We have invited our DIL, Grand Daughter and Grand Dog over for a BBQ and some swimming.  Our son is leaving tomorrow for a business trip which is why he is not invited LOL.  That about sums up everything I had for you today.

Until Next Time......................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Marsha :) I LOVE the socks!!! I wish I could give you advice for your bread, but mine isn't GF. I remember though, when I did that year of GF, I had a very tough time making bread. I hope someone else has some good advice!

    Oh that's awful about your back spasms!! I hope they NEVER come back. I've had them too and they do indeed take your breath away.

    Thor is adorable and I love his name!

    Oh Marsha, lol..I LOVE your weather station!!! Ha ha ha...so cute! You know I wanted to study Atmospheric Sciences when I was in my 20's but got discouraged by all of the science pre-requisites!

  2. It's fascinating when the weather begins to turn to read about weather in other parts of the U.S. While September can have very hot days in September, the days are filled with the promise of autumn - my favorite season. Your weather station is adorable. I hope your back is improving. Or maybe it's all better now? That sounds so painful! :(

    You are really rocking the RCR socks, Marsha. Your yarns are so pretty. How sweet of you to make the baby sweater for your friend's great grand child. And it will be a surprise?!? She's going to be over the moon. And your colorful squares are just beautiful.

    Thor's pretty cute - especially from the back in a seated position. ;^)

    1. I meant - While Indiana can have some very hot day in September...

  3. Oh my he IS adorable and practical too! Sorry about the back spasms. Do you know what brings them on?
    Good work with the bread - I have trouble getting mine as tall and fluffy as I would like too. Looks like you are making progress. I love the wee baby sweater and it will be a perfect match for the baby blanket. What a good friend you are to help out with the knitting.

  4. Anything with a gnome is worth it! That is so kind of you to make a baby sweater! So sorry about your back spasms..

  5. Ouch with the back spasms! I hope they are gone now and won't be coming back any time soon. Thor is adorable and so is the baby sweater. I need to make a pair of those RCR socks. It is still hot here and I thought we were going to be in the 80's now but tomorrow is supposed to be 91 F.....too hot for me! LOL! Have fun in your pool and with your company. It sounds like a perfect Labor Day celebration.

  6. Those socks are great! It is so easy to knit for those who really appreciate the effort!!

  7. Ouch to the back, but hope it doesn't come back. The baby sweater is a lovely idea, I'm sure she will be thrilled. I love your socks, I'm glad hubby likes them.

  8. The baby sweater is lovely and the socks look great. I love your weather station!

  9. On the bread, I usually turn my oven on and open the door, I then place my bread on top of the stove close to the edge where the door is open. That seems to help get it started. I love making Rosemary bread but I tend to want to keep it for myself and I really don't need to be doing that. HAHA....great job on your baby sweater. Looks amazing.


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