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Sunday, September 22, 2019


It is that time of the week again.  Do you look forward to Sunday?  Since I have been doing the YOP for the past 9 years, Sunday's have been one of my favorite days of the week.  It is so exciting to read other's blogs to see what kind of crafty business has been happening throughout the world.  Before I head off to read other crafter's blogs, I must get mine written.  So let's get this blog going.  Warning, there are quite a few photos this week.  

Let's talk about frogging items.  Actually, it was only 1 item I frogged last week.  It was an Eva Shawl I had started in July of 2011.  I was crocheting that shawl in a lace weight alpaca.  What was I thinking?  Obviously I wasn't.  Frogging the 11 grams of lace was a royal pain!  I managed to reclaim all but 3 grams of the yarn.  I found another pattern to make with the yarn.  I started it on Friday and here is where I am at.

See how much halo this yarn has?  Imagine trying to frog that from a crochet project!  Not fun.  I am just kind of winging it with this pattern.  I have already cast on almost twice what the pattern called for.  I changed where the lace rows will pop up.  So basically, I am doing my own thing.  This will not be done anytime soon.  It is just nice to have this yarn being turned into something I will use.  

Do any of you remember this shawl?

Wow, that is some crappy night time photography.  It is country blue and lime green!  This is the Forest Shawl I started in July 2018.  I pulled it out this week and have been adding a section to it here and there.  I really am trying to clear up some of those UFO's that have been hanging around for way too long.

I also have been working on my cardigan.  There is no photo of it.  All that has happened on it is the addition of about 20 rows to the first sleeve.  So, basically, it looks like it did last time.

There was quite a bit of Cozy Alpaca yarn left over from my Great Nephews layette.  I really did not want to just stick it on a shelf and forget about it.  It is such a lovely soft yarn.  So I went searching for patterns for the amount of yarn I had left.  I found this:

Sleeveheart shawl.  It is based off the PI shawl and it is a very relaxing knit.  This was also started on Friday.  I have no idea how large it will be by then time I run out of yarn.  Hopefully, it will be large enough to be either a shawlette or a caplet.  We shall see.  It is going pretty quickly so far.  Could be because there are only 64 stitches on the needles.  It will increase to 260 stitches before I bind off.

There were more squares made this week also.  

Only got 2 completed this week.

There must have been a startitis virus going around on Friday.  Here is the third project I cast on, on Friday.

OK all you Harry Potter fans.  I am sure you will know who/what Fawkes was. (He is a Phoenix bird)  Hubby wanted to know if these socks were for him.  He had quite the sad face when I told him these were for me this time.  These need a little bit of attention when working on them.  There is counting involved.  The pattern said to cast on 60 stitches, and yet I know, I am a solid 64 on a 1.5 US needle.  That means I had to play with the pattern a little bit but it is working out just splendid.

That is all for my crafting this week.  

Life happened this week.  

If you do not follow me (shame on you) I will let you know we ended up purchasing a new washing machine on Monday and it was delivered on Tuesday.  Laundry is all caught up!  

I started working with my Sony A6300  camera again this week.  I had been ignoring it as I felt it was too much of a pain to use.  After setting it up and working with it I remembered why I bought it to begin with.  Love all the different things I can do with it and all the lenses I have to go with it.

Our local Grand Daughter is on the swim team at her high school.  She had been on a swim team about 6 years ago but dropped out when they refused to heat the pool in the winter and still demanded they swim.  But, I digress.  She had a swim meet this week that I was able to attend.  This is where my Sony camera came in handy!  It stops actions so well!

The top photo is of her beating her breast stroke record by 26 seconds.  Yes, that is twenty six seconds!!!!!  The bottom photo is her going in for her free style swim.  It was about 102 outside and I was quite tempted to jump into that pool myself!  This place does heat the pool in the winter.

Hubby was busy on Thursday running the vacuum cleaner.  We had little rolls of dog hair floating around everywhere.

Enrique is not a fan of the vacuum.  He is burrowing between my two pillows.  Poor baby boy LOL.

Saturday night was homecoming for our local Grand Daughter.  This was her first 'date' since going into high school.  Her dad was having a good time with her before her 'date' showed up.

(Please, no negative comments about the fire arm.)  Not that her dad is protective or anything.  She is an only child and the apple of his eye.  This man even donned a tutu to do a daddy daughter dance routine when she was around 5.  Yes, he is that dad!

Here is her and her date just before the dance.

They clean up pretty good, huh.  I am sure I will hear all about her date later today.  We are going over there later for smoked brisket and some American football.

I am really looking forward to the coming week.  We are supposed to get some rain and our temps are going to drop down to 90 and some 80's.  Night time temps are heading to the high 60's.  This means our swimming pool has seen the last of my body this year.  It is time now for me to clean off my rocking chairs on the front porch so I can enjoy the cool morning air with a cuppa and my knitting.  Fall is going to come to the desert!

Until next time...................Happy Crafting!!!!!

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  1. Hi Marsha :) Sundays...I look forward to Sundays mainly because I have time to finally post about FOOD lol...and I get to catch up on blogs too, which is always fun. I do love our blogging community so much, I've made such good friends this way! :)

    Your Eva Shawl looks SO delicate! I can't imagine frogging it. It looks very pretty!

    Your Sleeveheart shawl is very feminine looking. There's nothing like knitting with a soft wool!

    Marsha!!! That photo of your granddaughter diving is SO awesome! Good for her for breaking her record. I used to be part of the swim team in high school and I was FAST at the breast stroke! I never won "gold" but I got "silver" three times out of three! :)

    The kids look great, and that's HILARIOUS about the firearm hee hee hee! I love that!

  2. I can imagine how tedious frogging that yarn would be, but good for you to get it ready for repurposing! I love the photo of the dad and daughter. So funny. A non-heated pool in winter. BRRRRR. I shiver just thinking of that. Congrats on her progress.

  3. Hey Marsha :) I have never heard of that about Canadian vs. U.S. flour! I never use bread flour because I find it's way too dense. I guess it's the increased protein in it, but it sure does produce a lot more gluten. I've always been a fan of unbleached organic all purpose flour. I know you can't really eat that though because of the gluten. I wonder if you could adapt that egg bread recipe with a non-gluten flour?

    1. Gluten is not a dietary issue for us. We have just been asked to use other flour for nutritional purposes. I have been making 'white' bread for the past few weeks just because I was tired of 'flat' bread.

    2. It's hard to enjoy a gf bread! I'm glad I don't have to deal with that anymore! The egg bread is REALLY good! Let me know if you try it! It's mildly sweet with the honey. If you want them sweeter you could use sugar.

  4. Not fun to frog the alpaca, but at least you can repurpose it. The sleeveheart shawl is looking gorgeous, as is your sock. I love Sundays as well, although I never completely look forward to going back to work!

  5. Yeah, I had a hat to frog that had a halo...I forget what the yarn was. I think I shoved it in a bag somewhere......I hope you enjoyed today....

  6. That's interesting you saying about the alpaca lace frogging. I did a project with some I bought in Peru and tried to tink stitches and I nearly went blind trying to see through the Fuzzy halo. It's full of mistakes. It's been in a drawer since before I joined Ravelry. Perhaps I'll live with the mistakes and wear it this winter

  7. Doh! I forgot to say how nice the new projects are looking. Casting on 3 projects in one day sounds exciting.

  8. That alpaca looks lovely great tat you managed to "save" it for a new project. Your sweetheart shawl looks lovely and soft. Great pictures of your Grand Daughter, the one with her Dad mad me chuckle!

  9. Oh my that lace yarn looks so delicate to work with but I'm sure whatever you make with it will be beautiful! I love the Forest Shawl and I am really liking lime green but I'm not sure I can wear it but I might try! The Sleeveheart shawl is gorgeous...you have me wanting to make that one. i didn't get any Victorian squares made this week but love yours! And yes....keep those socks for yourself...I think hubby got spoiled! LOL!
    I don't understand...I thought you said your grand quit the swim team? Great photos and I wouldn't blamer her. Cold water is not good for their joints and will cause them problems when they are older...tell the coach to ask an RA doctor!
    Poor little Enrique! LOL! I don't know of a single dog or cat that likes the vacuum cleaner.
    Cute picture of Daughter and Dad and "the couple"....they look so young!
    Have a good week and you have your new washer and I have my dryer! We're on a roll now! It's still green and hot here....still some 90 and up days into October! So disappointing but at least we're getting some rain. TTYL!

    1. My Grand quite her swim team about 6 years ago. This is a new swim team she joined through her highs school. This pool is heated!

  10. The beginning of the Sleeveheart Shawl looks really pretty, Marsha. And your beautiful squares continue to accumulate. I look forward to seeing them come together eventually. Great pictures of your granddaughter. How grand it must be to live locally to her and her family. :)

  11. How cute, her first, big date. And shaving off 26 seconds is a big accomplishment. She's amazing. Your shawl has amazing texture and stitch patterns in it. Kudo's to you one being so patient to knit such a pattern.


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