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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


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Have you guessed yet?  Do you want another hint?

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I have one of the above washers in my laundry room.  It is very busy right now, helping me get caught up on the past 2 weeks of laundry that has been sitting in baskets waiting patiently to be washed and dried.  Who knew that buying a washing machine could be so darn stressful?  

Mr Repairman came out yesterday morning and after I 'talked' to him about how my laundry habits have not changed in all the years I have used that machine, he decided to do a little diagnostic work on it.  While working on it he found $1.10 that had been rattling around in it for many years and a piece of cloth that was blocking the drain pipe.  We were lucky we hadn't had a flood!  The final diagnosis was..............'You need a new motor'.  The cost difference between and new motor and a new machine was not enough to make a difference.  Not to mention with a new machine you get a years warranty and with a new motor you get 90 days.  New motor takes 10-14 days to arrive and new machine is the next day delivery.  REALLY?  Let's go shopping!

Here is the kicker.  Our last washer was only 36 inches high.  Today (13 years later) all washers are 40 inches high.  So what?  My on/off valves for the washer are 37 inches from the floor.  When you put a washer that is 40 inches tall in front of them, you are hard pressed to reach them to turn them on and off if need be.  Not to mention the lovely shelf that held all my laundry supplies was at 39 inches.  No, we did not re plumb the shut offs.  Yes, we removed the shelf and put all laundry supplies in a cabinet.  It is not as handy in there but does look neater.

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It took us 2 trips to the appliance store to make sure this washer would fit our space.  There was quite a bit of measuring and mathematics happening yesterday.  The nicest part of the entire day was, we were able to buy a machine that had one little scratch on the side of it and were able to get it $300 below the 'perfect' model!  It doesn't effect the way it works and who is going to come to my house and look all over the machine to see if there are any boo-boos.
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I received a phone call at 6:45 this morning to set up today's delivery.  Good thing I had insomnia last night.  Normally I do not get up much before 7!  The three gentlemen that came out to install the washer were phenomenal!  I even called the appliance store and told them how happy we were with the installers.  Hubby gave them a monetary tip since they really took their time to make sure everything worked right and our house was back to the way they found it. (They had to remove a door to get the machine in)

My life is getting back to normal.  I have bread in the bread machine.  Menus, for the next 10 days, have been made.  I have been able to knit on my sweater and also on a languishing WIP shawl.  I got to watch DWTS that we recorded last night.  Last but not least, I am on my last load of laundry!  I want to do my sheets but will wait until tomorrow.  I am starting to run out of steam.

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So that is the last 24 hours of my life.  OOPS!  I left out the part where my family and my cousin met up for dinner last night.  It was so nice to see the cousin again.  He spends his winters here and is planning on becoming a permanent resident by the end of next year.  It will be nice to have more family in the area.

Yup, that covers all of it.  Time to go and switch the loads around and get some lunch.

Until next time.....................happy crafting!


  1. Whew! Glad you got a new machine. I know what you mean about stuff being taller. Sinks and counters are too, which I'm not a fan of. Glad you're back in working order and caught up on your laundry. You got some knitting done..........things will smooth out now.

  2. Congratulations on the new washer! Gosh when ours broke down I nearly fell apart lol...with 6 pets we need to do laundry OFTEN. We are lucky we have an appliance Mr. Fix it about a ten minute drive away. He figured out the issue and fixed our washer so we didn't have to buy a new one. Stressful times for sure.

  3. Well, how exciting to have a new washing machine. That one looks like it came off a space ship. Very new fangled! Isn't it a shame that it costs so much to repair them? I'd much rather repair than buy new, but sometimes it just isn't smart financially. Glad everything is right again.

  4. Glad everything worked out for you.


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