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Sunday, March 10, 2019


Hello everyone.  How did the past week treat you?  Hopefully, everyone at your abode is healthy and enjoying a lovely day.

Hubby is getting busy here.  He is leaving today to go and visit his mom for a few days.  This is his bi-monthly visit he does to make sure she is doing as well as can be expected.  He is busy getting his cooler, snacks and clothing all packed for the trip.  This is the perfect time for me to sit down and update my YOP blog.

I cast on a new item this week.

Hermione Everyday Socks for the hubby. The Hermione Everyday sock pattern is one of the easiest to memorize and doesn't loose the self striping of the yarn as many 'patterned' socks would. This is Diversity Yarn (again) in the self striping.  

Most of my online yarn shops have stopped selling this yarn.  I happened upon a clearance sale a couple of weeks ago and ordered 10 skeins of it.  That will produce 10 pairs of socks for the hubby and myself.  This is the first time I have made him a 'brown' pair of socks.  

For church and when the need for long pants arises, he almost always wears tan Dockers.  These will be perfect for those pants.  And the best part......he will get 2 pair of them.  

There is going to be some sewing happening soon.  Maybe even this coming week.

As I was walking around WalMart, a few days ago, I happened to find myself in their fabric section.  These two materials really grabbed my attention.  I have enough to make a project bag from each of them as well as a nice throw pillow cover from each one.  This will be for my local grand daughter.  She is fascinated with anything French.  Her bedroom and bathroom have Eiffel Towers and French sayings all over the walls.  I showed her the photo of the material yesterday and she was super excited to have bags and pillows out of it.

Summer Flies shawl is still being worked on but saw no reason for another photo.  There were only 5 rows completed this week.  I will wait until next week to do another photo shoot with it.  It is very slow going right now as I have to count continually as I knit this patterned section I am on.  With hubby gone for a few days, I will work on it so I can count out loud and not disturb anyone other than my dogs.

Speaking of dogs.  Do any of you have dogs that really like to chew one type of material?  I have one that loves all things plastic.  BUT........he only likes it when we are away from the house and it has to be MY plastic.  Case in point:

This is the second knitting notions box he has chewed up.  Was I angry?  Yes and no.  I know he has this issue yet, I still left this out where he could have easy access to it.  When I discovered it (wrapped in the dog blankets) I had both dogs come and sit in front of me.  I held up the pitiful box and asked "Which one of you did this?"  The female dog looked directly at the male and he immediately hung his head, turned around and walked out of the room with his tail tucked between his legs.  I had to leave the room so I could laugh.  They are so much like raising kids again.  There was no 'punishment' as I do not believe in hitting or even yelling at a dog.  He knew he had been a bad doggie.  He sat with my husband the rest of the evening.  It wasn't until we went to bed that he came up to me and asked for loves.  Of course I gave them to him.  Both of my dogs were found wandering the streets of Phoenix.  We have no idea how hard their lives were before we adopted them.  Our job is to make sure they have the best possible life with us and to try and erase any horrors they may have suffered by other humans.  (We know there was abuse from old injuries seen on xrays.  Makes me cry just thinking about it)

Since I still needed a notions 'box' for my knitting supplies, I remembered my mom had given me something I thought might work.

Ta-Da!  A very slim make-up pouch I used to keep my DPN's in.  It is absolutely perfect and NOT plastic.  It fits quite nicely in my project bags too.  Even better than the little box did. So a win win for both Enrique and myself.

Hubby is just about ready to leave, so I will end this and go and double check he has everything he needs.

Until next time..............Happy Crafting!!!!!!


  1. LOL on your doggie! I love how you're fair with him. I love the first fabric. Man, I'm going to have to go to WalMart and see what sewing stuff they have. If I want specially printed fabric I will order on Etsy as I feel I'm supporting moms and their families.

  2. I love watching YouTube clips of dogs who’ve chewed something and their owners ask who did it, your Enrique sounds like some I’ve seen. How wonderful you have given the 2 dogs a home they are safe in. What perfect fabrics for your granddaughter! Tres bien!

  3. Love the doggie story. That is hilarious - how culprit behaved after being ratted out, not how he chewed up your plastic notions box.

    I do not need to start collection fabric, so I must be careful about this, but I'm thinking I now need to check out the fabric section of our local Walmart next time I'm there.

    Say, that zippered pouch is not only perfect, but it's oh so cute, too!

  4. So cute that doggy story. Sorry about your container though. Hopefully he will leave the new one alone. Hermione socks are on my list of socks to knit.....maybe once my arm is better I will give them a go.

  5. Aww, so sweet the way you treat your doggies. And your husband is lucky to get hand knit socks, the colors look great.

  6. Awww Marsha, Love the doggie story. They really are so much like children. My own dog is much the same in how he behaves, not chewing things but he will take one shoe of certain people in the family and just sit with it until you notice and come get it. He does the same with my youngest daughters teddy and he's always so so careful with it but he knows she'll come get it and play with him then. They really are such wonderful creatures and your dogs are lucky to have found you both.

    The socks are coming on great and I love the fabrics! No wonder your grand-daughter must be so excited!

  7. Love the socks and I think the pattern really shows them off. They'll go perfect with his Dockers. Aw, poor Enrique...he may have been forced to eat plastic on the street thinking it was better than nothing and plentiful. You are such a great and forgiving Mom! They are so funny too....I had to laugh at that one! Your grand daughter will love items made from that fabric. I never did get on the French bandwagon but I know it is very popular.
    That is a perfect bag for notions and dpn's! I ho pe your hubby has a safe trip and you enjoy your knitting time.

  8. I hope your hubby is having a safe trip. Love the doggie story and that the girl just looked at the boy! Love the socks and how great to find a clearance lot?


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