Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Another doggie day

Today was all about my dogs.  My female has issues with her trachea and therefore needs to be walked with a harness to protect it from getting worse.  This meant I needed to make a trip to the local PetCo.  Off Luna and I went to find the perfect harness for her and one for Enrique too.  I walk them on a double lead like this.

That way I only need one leash.  It makes it so easy.  Luna is my alpha and does not put up with Enrique's wanting to stop every 3 feet to sniff.  Therefore, we can actually 'walk'.

After trying on several harnesses, I finally found one that was light weight, would breath in our heat and would not choke.  Introducing Gooby!

Isn't that dog so darn cute?  I got a red for Luna and a blue for Enrique.  They actually wear the same size which is nice.  Once I adjusted them, it was time to go for a little walk.  The harnesses worked wonderfully.  This is the time of year I love walking the dogs.  The morning is nice and cool yet and everything is in bloom so it is lovely walking around the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, my back and hips are telling me I have not build up enough muscle in them to help support my arthritic joints for a long walk.  I will get there.  Patience is not my best quality though LOL.  

Tonight, as always, is taco Tuesday at our house.  This is my hubby's favorite meal.  His mother taught me how to cook Mexican food and for that I am thankful.  I barely could boil water when we got married.  (In fact, I burnt up a pan by letting it boil dry.)   My mom had tried to teach me, but I had no interest in cooking.  Once I got married, I realized I needed to feed us as going out was too expensive on a policeman's salary.  (I actually made more than he did!)  So, with the help of my mom, my mother in law and many friends, I learned to cook and read recipes.  After 40 plus years of marriage, I can say.............I actually love to cook dinners.  The hardest part for me is:  I am used to cooking for 5 and now there is only 2.  Even though it has been YEARS since we have empty nested, I still make way too much food each night.  So, once a week we do leftover night. When I worked, I would take the leftovers for my lunch. 

Do any of you eat leftovers?  Or do you just chuck them in the trash?

Until next time..................happy crafting!


  1. I eat leftovers all week. I only need to make one meal usually and it lasts all week. This week is corned beef and cabbage which I never tire of. I have to remember Taco Tuesday especially now that I have my organic grass fed ground beef! LOL! Enjoy and glad you got your harnesses. I have a double lead too for when I used to take the girls. Have a great day!

  2. Chuck leftovers?!That's is sacrilegious in Asian culture; everything needs to be finished up. Once upon a time, when my grandparents were younger, they would take me and my older cousin out to lunch in the little, second Chinatown near their house; my grandfather told us to bring home the leftovers and we forgot! They were so dismayed.
    I think I need to start a taco Tuesday here. LOL on the burning a pan. I burned rice the first time I tried to make it in a pot at home on my mum's old, mustard stove. She taught me to make spaghetti, porkchops, and meatloaf before I had moved out. I used to have cable then and would watch the Food Network all the time, trying out new recipes.

  3. Love the look of that leash!! The double leash is also a great idea for smaller dogs.

  4. Hi Marsha :)) I'm the same, although I can't blame anything on an empty nest syndrome...I JUST COOK WAY TOO MUCH FOOD!!! I have no clue why lol...we do eat leftovers. I think it's because Alex and I don't eat traditionally, i.e. 3 meals a day. If I cook too much for dinner, at least I know he has lunch for a few days where I just usually have yogurt and some fruit in the morning and then wait until dinner.

    Your doggies are so cute. When I had my pugs, I had to have them on harnesses because they had problems with their palettes. Once in a while their palettes would dislodge if they had strain on their necks and although it wasn't dangerous, boy it was scary to wait out. I found out how to re-lodge them but I preferred to play it safe! We have the double lead too. I had them for the two pugs back in the day and it worked well, they pulled each other instead of me!! We bought it for the two huskies last summer...but that's about 175 pounds of power and one leash is never enough lol! :)


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