Thursday, March 7, 2019

Perfect Day

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Isn't the above statement wonderful?  If we decide it is going to be a perfect day, then those little bumps in the road will just be that.....little bumps.  I woke up this morning and knew right away our weather here was heading for a change.  That is one thing about RA, it is a better forecaster than the local news folk.  Sure enough, the sun is playing hide and seek, the humidity is on the rise and the temperatures are dropping back into the 60's from the 80's.  But, that is just a little bump in the road for today.  I choose to be happy!

Because of the weather changing, I did not make it to Prayer Shawl group.  I did help hubby get things moved around so he could clean the kitchen and bathrooms today.  While he was busy cleaning, I grabbed a cup of coffee, grabbed my knitting, called my dogs to follow me and went into the bedroom and watched a sappy movie.  A perfect morning!  Happy morning!

When he was finished I hastened into the kitchen to make the quiche that had been scheduled for dinner last night. (We ended up going to a fish fry with friends last night.)  While the quiche was cooking I started boiling the ham and bean soup.  My house smells amazing with all the spices that have been used today in both dishes.  The ham and beans will be dinner tonight along with some corn bread.  The quiche was our lunch today.  This was the first quiche I have ever made and being crustless was a big plus for me.

Look at that lovely golden brown cheese topping!  It was very delicious.  It will be made again and again.  Super happy!!

After lunch, I ran to the store to pick up some mushrooms for tomorrow nights dinner.  We are having a meatless spaghetti bake.  The recipe does not call for mushrooms but hubby and I love them and I will add them anyway. Perfectly happy!

On Tuesday, I received this photo in my text messages.

That is my local Grand Daughter.  Seems she rolled her ankle while playing basketball.  Lucky for her, her mom works for a foot and ankle doctor!  Looks like she has a stress fracture of her growth plate in her ankle.  SO, maybe this was more than a little bump in her road that day.  I feel for her.  She has spring break next week and the family is heading to the beach in California.  Not thinking crutches are going to work very well on the sand.

My doors and windows are opened, letting in some lovely fresh air.  Of course, this means my dogs do a bit more barking as people (children) walk home from school.  But that's OK.  It wears the dogs out and then they sleep really well the rest of the day/night.  See me happy?

I hope you are having a perfect day.  My knitting needles are calling my name so I need to go and see what they want.  I am thinking they want to make my perfect day a happy day.

Until next time...............happy crafting!

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  1. How nice to have a husband who cleans. Mine helps but I do most of it. I tidied up around the outside here since I'm hosting Craft Night and the neighbors are coming over. I'm going to come eat at your house; everything sounds good. Hope your GD heals smoothly.


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