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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


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We never quit learning.  This is the most obvious when mistakes are made and corrections are needed.  I made some mistakes this week.....................and it is only Wednesday LOL.  Wanna see my mistakes?  GOOD!  Cause I was gonna show them to you anyway.

First up.............Project bag #1''

I was feeling pretty smart after my 4th project bag and decided to make my own pattern for a smaller bag.  This bag is smaller..............in fact it is so small, I can barely get my hand in it not to mention pulling it out with a skein of yarn clutched in it.  Oh well.

Next............................Project bag #2

Ok, I was on a roll and went for a larger bag.  This one is the perfect width but I should have increased the height of it as well.  This one will be re-designed taller and it will be perfect to carry a sweater or shawl's worth of yarn in it.  I really like the width of this one so I got half of it right.

I will continue to work on project bags but do not think I will try for a small one again.  Actually, I have a pattern for a Japanese knot bag that is the perfect small bag to carry a sock or dishcloth project in.

There was a lovely delivery Monday which brought me my needles for my shawl.  I was so happy.  I set to work right away on the shawl.  This is where I was when I got my needles.

  I managed to add 8 more rows to the shawl and as of this morning, this is where I am at.

WHAAAAAAT?  I noticed my lace was not lining up and I seemed to have stitches left over at the end of the pattern rows.  I counted my stitches.............................dang it...........I was WAY off.  So I frogged it and started that section again.....................and again.................and again.  Yes, I took me four times to get the count right and to repeat the pattern repeats properly.  

This cake of yarn was 3/4 gone before the frogging began.  I thought about just going ahead with it and adjusting the stitches as I progressed but........................nope, it was way too noticeable that I had messed up horribly.   I love doing lace but........normally I do it from a chart.  This pattern is written out which is different for me.  You would chuckle if you were next to me while I am knitting these lace rows.  There just might be a bit of chanting going on.  Just might be LOL.  Even my dogs don't sit by me while I am knitting this part.  Hubby just shakes his head and turns the volume on the TV up.  

I hinted about there being some yarn coming in with my needles.

Oh my............there will be more self striping socks in my future.  The two on top will be for me and the two on the bottom for hubby.  I love this yarn.  Webs has it on sale right now for $4.49/skein.  One skein is 100gr and easily makes one pair of socks.  I have a women's size US 7.5 foot (European 37) and I still am able to make an 8 inch leg with yarn leftover.

I am going to work on the shawl the remainder of this week and hopefully there will be no more boo-boos.  The socks are on hiatus until I get this shawl done and off my needles.  

Today has been productive in a non-crafting manner.  I had an early nail appointment, which makes me get going early in the day.  As I was getting ready to leave for the appointment, I started the bread machine.  Since it takes 3.5 hours for a loaf of bread to complete in the machine, I had plenty of time to get my nails done.  

When I got home, hubby was dusting and vacuuming the house.  I decided to cook up the 3 pounds of bacon I had defrosted.  I know...................that sounds like a lot of bacon but.....we don't eat it all at once.  Tonight we are having BLTA salads (bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado).  Our daughter is joining us for dinner too.  

Needless to say, my house smells amazing.  Between the bread and and bacon...............yummy.

The dishwasher is emptied, the canopy in the backyard rolled up (high winds tonight), the patio furniture re-arranged and I am getting ready to finish reading my Real Simple magazine.  We have a handyman coming by in about an hour to give us a quote on installing some doors for us.  He was supposed to be here last Friday, but never was able to make it.  Hopefully he makes it today.  I would love to have the doors done before we leave for my mom's final road trip.

Until next time.....................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Mmmm! Bacon? We love that here. My oldest though won't eat it. I like the looks of that Diversity sock yarn.
    Yeah, I learned a smaller zipper is too small for a project bag, for a sock project that is. I usually buy a 12" zipper or bigger and cut it down to about 10" to make about an 11" project bag in width. I made one today as a thank you gift. I'm getting tired of my local Joann. I like it for holiday fabric for Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Christmas but most of the prints I'm not impressed with. I have bought fabric on Etsy once and bought again recently from a shop in Michigan. I'm planning on making two project bags as gifts. I'm also planning on trying buying from Spoonflower also; they have such cute prints. I started making bags for my teenager's girlfriends, once their birthday rolls around. One has a birthday during spring break and likes vintage items.

  2. Bacon and bread!!!!!!!!! No finer combination of fragrance!!! :) You have stamina, frogging and restarting so many times, I would have likely given up! I can't start knitting again until the warmer weather because of my dang hands. I still have my projects from last year to finish!


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