Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Happy Wednesday

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Hello everyone.  It is the middle of the week and I happen to have a bit of down time so......updating my blog sounded like a great idea.

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Hubby and I slept in today.  It was nice, since we were up yesterday before the sun was.  Hubby had a "procedure" at 6:30.  It was the first time in over 5 years we got good news after his procedure.  What a relief.  

I didn't have much on my to do list today.......for a change.  The big thing was going grocery shopping.

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Lucky for me, hubby enjoys going to the grocery stores with me.  He is my coupon king too.  We only hit 2 stores as well as getting our RO water for our water cooler.  It took about 2 hours total but we got all we needed for the next week and possibly 2 weeks.  We even picked up snacks for our upcoming road trips

Speaking of road trips.........I had a dream/nightmare last night.  I dreamt the family was at the cemetery to intern my mom when we noticed her urn was not there!!  I looked at my husband and told him she was back at home on the mantle and he needed to go and get her while we waited.  He politely informed me it was not going to be that easy.  (it's a seventeen hour drive)  After that I woke up.  I am tempted to put mom in the car now, just so we don't forget her.  Don't worry........I wouldn't do that.  She is still safely on my mantle.

On my to do list is cleaning the inside of the microwave.  There was some soup that kind of blew up in there.  I had it covered but it blew the cover right off!

Today, we are being lazy for meals.  We had sandwiches for lunch today and tonight will be BLTA sandwiches.  We even picked up a cherry pie today and will have that for dessert tonight.

There might even be some laundry done today.  I just did it on Sunday but................we must either be very dirty people or extremely clean because, the hamper is full again!  I really don't mind laundry at all.  In fact, I enjoy it.  

Hubby and my cousin are leaving on Sunday afternoon for Vegas.  Hubby is going to go to see his mom.  Cousin has never been to Vegas and wants to experience it at least one time.  I am staying home to take care of the doggies and getting ready for our BIG road trip to take mom to her final resting place.

Hey...................have any of you ever tried the 9 inch (23 cm) circular needles to knit socks?  Do you like them?  Do you need to change your needle size to make gauge?  Are they easy on your hands?  I am interested in trying them and there are so many options, I wanted to get some feedback before I invested in them.  Hubby's socks are almost completed and the next pair will be mine.  I have the yarn picked out and they will be my traveling project.  I thought, if any of you would recommend the 9 circs, I would get them and get the socks cast on.  So, please let me know.

Until next time........................happy crafting!


Sam I Am...... said...

I have not tried the 9" circs but I am also curious. I know Brooklyn Knitfolk swears by them and I think Yarn Hoarder started using them. I ho pe you get some answers. Maybe Google your question.
Your urn for your Mom is beautiful.My workload has doubled now that there is outside work. Did you see my answer about the Hitch Hiker shawl? I think 1 skein is plenty.

Rain said...

Hi Marsha :) Oh...that dream/nightmare...of course you have some worries, maybe subconscious...that would be an awful scenario.

I bought those 9" circulars last year to try out for socks, but I returned them. They were much too small for my comfort, like toothpicks lol...I can't use too small a needle because of my hand pain, but I have read good things about them!

Stefanie said...

Yay on good news after your husband's procedure and dreams can be so weird, yeah? I once had one that I was super late getting to a final and this was way after I had graduated from college. I am tempted to try the 9" circ for socks. I used that length for baby beanies and have gotten used to it. I worry though I won't have much length for picking up the gusset.

Sandy said...

Nothing worse than things exploding in a microwave. Think we've all had that happen. Usually when you're in a hurry and hungry. The urn is beautiful. How long has your Mother been gone? My Dad still has Mom's Urn with him is why I ask. When his time comes, they'll be interned together. No help on the knittng question. Have never made socks.

=Sandy's Space