Sunday, March 25, 2018

WEEK 39!

Another Sunday morning.  It is a gorgeous spring day here with the sun shining and a nice gentle breeze blowing.  Hopefully I will get time to sit on the porch and do a bit of knitting there this afternoon.  But before we get into my 'personal life', let's take a look at my 'crafting life' for the past week.

First up.........................FO's!!!!!!!!

Hubby's socks got completed this week.  I really like them.  They are just a plain vanilla sock but the self striping yarn really makes them POP.  This is the first sock pattern I ever did and I have probably done 5-6 pair with this pattern.  

The Midnight Sunset Shawl got completed also.  Sorry for the cruddy photo.  It was late in the evening and I wanted a photo of it before it went to the prayer shawl group.  I did not do the prescribed bind off.  I started it and it was not working at all.  Not the patterns fault but the yarn's issue.  This is a super soft acrylic yarn and it does not have the ability to be blocked.  The edging was a picot and the little picots where going every which way.  Not attractive at all.  The next one I do in this pattern will be with a 'stiffer' yarn and then the picots will behave much nicer. needles were empty.  (Do not think of those WIP's languishing in the project closet)  So I needed a new project or two.

Boxy Dishcloth.  I like dishclothes with a bit of texture to them.  Nothing wrong with the smooth ones but...............I use them for cleaning my granite counter tops and like a bit of scrubbing power.

Both of these are being knit with Lion Brand Cotton Ease.  I have never used it before and had 2 skeins given to me by a friend.  So, why not give it a try?  I do like it.  It is a little splitty but I am enjoying the feel of the yarn.

Doing them two at a time is fun too.  I am going to make another pair as soon as these are finished.  They will be left behind in the AirBnB's we are staying at next month.  I think it is fun to gift people that I do not know.  I wish I was still making soap as I would add a bar of that to the package.  Oh well..................the clothes will have to do.

Then, this happened.

Wednesday, I asked a question on my blog update, if anyone had used 9 inch circular needles to knit socks.  Only 4 people responded....................all said 'no' but wondered how they would be.  Thanks for the responses.  I went online and looked at reviews and watched videos on how to use them.  I figured................what the heck.  I ordered the ChaigoGoo needles.  The only reason I went for them is............their tips are 2 inches long and I figured that would give me a bit more to hold onto.  Most other small circular's tips are 1.5 to 1.75 inches long.

Once I get going on this sock, I will decided if I want to order another needle.  I very much like doing my socks consecutively.  I am very curious about the gauge I am getting though.  I ordered the needle size I normally use but feel like I am knitting looser than I do with DPN's.  I do know, I knit looser with Magic Loop.  I won't know until I get to the leg though.

Oh.......before I forget.  The yarn being used for the sock is Wendy Happy Yarn.  It is a discontinued yarn and makes me very sad when I think about that.  This was one of my all time favorite yarns to make socks with.  I still have 5 more skeins of this yarn and am making sure I savor it.  

That is all for the crafting this week...................let's talk about life.

This was a week I finally came to terms with the fact, I own too much yarn. heard me.  My yarn cubbies were spilling over with all the yarn I owned.  (And I have LOTS of yarn cubbies)  I decided to pull it ALL out and take a hard long look at all of it and make the decision whether or not I would ever knit or crochet with it.  I now have 2 kitchen garbage bags FULL of yarn in all weights to donate to the prayer shawl ministry group.  It has really made me feel so much better knowing I only have stash I will use.  When I want to do a project, I no longer need to go through tons of yarn that does not speak to my heart.

In other news.................hubby is leaving today for Las Vegas to see his mom.  My cousin is tagging along for the enjoyment of Vegas.  While hubby is away, I plan on doing some deep cleaning.  It is so much easier to do that when he is away. Some of the deep cleaning will be some of his stuff.  I have done this several times before and he has never missed anything I have gotten rid of LOL.  

Also, this is Holy Week for us.  Starting Thursday evening, we will be quite busy with church activities until late Saturday night.  I love this week.  But, this year is the first year I will not get that Easter phone call from my mom with the phrase "He is Risen" and my reply of "He is Risen indeed".  I always heard all the 'firsts' are hard.  Now I know what is meant by that. Also, with mom's final road trip just a week away, I am having quite a hard time imagining leaving her at her final resting place.  

Today I leave you with a photo of my best friend, Enrique.  Enrique is always right beside me.  He sleeps next to me, stays outside the bathroom door when I am taking a shower, follows me throughout the house when I am doing laundry or cooking or moving around, stays in my craftroom with me while I am sewing or working on a project and reminds me when it is dinner time for him and his sister, Luna.  He is smaller than Luna but has a huge heart and a large bark. He is not fond of strangers.......especially men.  He has save me many times from the diabolical postal worker that comes to our mailbox.  Enrique is sure the postal worker is a serial killer as are all the children who walk to and from school every day.  He even guards our backyard from the evil UPS delivery trucks.  He is one of the most stubborn animals I have ever owned..........just like me.  It is probably why we are so attached to each other.

Until next time.........................Happy Crafting!!!!!



  1. Hi Marsha :) Good luck with those itsy bitsy needles! :) Your dish cloths are really nice, I need to start making some of my own too. Trying hard to cut down on the paper towel use. And I do love those socks, you knit so wonderfully! Hubby must be happy :)

    Congrats on thinning out your yarn stash! You're so funny...I did the same, I secretly recycled a lot of the stuff my bf had been collecting (read: that has been collecting dust) over the years. I told him about it later and he just said "Oh, I still had that stuff?" lol...Awww...Enrique is a Jack is just like him! :) Velcroed to me :)

    I hope the trip to bring Mom to her final resting place goes smoothly for you Marsha. Take care xx

  2. It looks and sounds as though Enrique is doing a great job of looking after you!
    I love the dishcloths and the pink yarn is gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

  3. The socks look great, and very well matched too! Nice! Self-striping yarn is so fun!!

  4. LOL on the deep cleaning bits about how you'll be uh, thinning out your husband's stuff while he's gone. The new pair of socks look great!

  5. Congrats on both your finishes, Marsha. The socks really do pop. They are gorgeous.

    Congrats on doing the hard thing of sorting through and winnowing out unloved yarn. I've been thinking of doing something similar, but I can't imagine that I have enough yarn I don't care for to make much of a dent. At the moment, it doesn't make sense for me to get rid of yarn I like, so I feel in a bit of a dilemma. But you give me good food for thought. Somehow I've accumulated more yarn than I think I could possible use up with however many crafty years I've got left. And I know one of these days I'm going to want to buy some more (different) yarn. So something really does need to give. I just can't crochet (or knit) fast enough. lol

    Hugs to you as you take your mom's ashes to their final resting place. I appreciate how this year's "firsts" will each likely be a bittersweet reminder.

    Enrique is a cutie. How sweet that he is your protector. I hope you have a good week of cleaning and sorting through stuff!

  6. The socks turned out great and you know I love that shawl and the colors you chose. Yes, dish cloths are fun and handy too. How sweet of you to leave some at the BNB.
    Let us know how you like the 9" circs...'curious minds want to know". Enrique is so cute and I can just imagine how hard he works at protecting you. Good luck with your deep cleaning. I have to get back at it and now it is Easter already. Where does the times go?
    Good job on your "de-stash". I think when I finish my Cozy Memories Blanket I will give the remaining acrylic yarn away.HAve a good Holy Week and I will be thinking of you and your Mom. My prayers are with you as I know this is still hard for you.

  7. Love the stripping on those socks! They are much more than plain vanilla! I like your dish cloth pattern and I'm sure that they will get lots of use in their new home. Who knows you might just inspire someone to make some of their own!
    While I'm not much of a pink person, your yarn is certainly happy! I do enjoy bright colors too. I just don't wear them often, but do enjoy working with them for others.
    We'll be thinking of you this holiday season and on your upcoming trip. You have memories you can share with others and then it will be their "firsts" also.
    Does Enrique also protect you from strange furry creatures that invade your yard or the stray litter? Abbey announces the neighbors as they come out of their house across the road and tells on the cat and chickens when they wander too far. It's nice to have such a cute early warning device of your very own!
    Congrats on the destashing, I've been cold sheep for a while and I think I might have seen a very small dent in the stash, but that is about it..

  8. I use the 9" especially for vanilla much faster. But it did take time to get used to...I bought a pair of 10" to try too....your socks came out great...I only thin my stash of crappy stash is my "retirement income" as the Hubs puts it...for when I won't have as much disposable income...

  9. I tried those needles and didn't care for them, I love dpns the best (probably because that is what I started with decades ago). Can you come and deep clean my house too? ha ha. I need to do that at some point and go through closets as well. The socks and the squares are delightful. I knit mostly vanilla socks when I knit them.


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