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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Hello again.  It is time for a YoP update.  I am a bit disappointed.  I still do not have any FO's this week.  I wanted at least one of my projects to be done.

Anyway.........I got my new needles in and immediately set to getting the shawl done.  The shawl had other ideas.  Evidently, I cannot count while watching TV and talking to hubby.  I managed to do 14 rows before I noticed the lace was not lining up.  I ended up frogging it 4 times before I finally learned to be quiet and chant the pattern repeats as I knit along.  So here is where I am at.

 I have re-knit the 14 rows I frogged.  I don't know if I will complete it this week or not but will give it a try.  I only have 19 more rows of lace and then the picot bind off.

I worked on hubby's socks a bit too this week but again..................they are not finished.

They need another 2 inches before I begin the toe.  I might be playing yarn chicken this time.  I made the leg extra long for him so he could wear these in his boots.

I don't know how many of you follow my blog other than through the YOP group.  So I am going to show you the yarn that just happened to accompany my needles.

My favorite non-wool yarn, self striping showed up.  Diversity is lovely to work with and it is a memory yarn.  It doesn't pill or even need blocking after washing and drying in the machine!

I am still making project bags for friends and family.  They are being well received.

I will leave you with this photo.

My girl Luna.   She loves our new security screen door.  She can lay on HER sofa and look outside and protect us from the evil leaves that blow across our yard.

Until next time..............happy crafting!!!!!


  1. OH my Luna is adorable! Sorry about the issues you had. I think I had/have a skein of that Diversity yarn...I did a yarn purge awhile ago, not sure if it got booted or not...

  2. I like Luna; I feel we need a screen door sometimes as these flying ants get in now and then looking for food. Great progress this week. I'm curious about these nonwool, sock yarn.

  3. Marsha, your resolve to get the lace part right is admirable! The shawl is going to be lovely when you're finished with it. That Diversity yarn sounds amazing. And Luna is a cutie pie!

  4. Oh yarn chicken - we're old friends. Next time maybe work toe-up so that you can max out the leg length?

    And I've been doing a lot of frogging too. Frustrating, isn't it? Although sometimes working myself up to frog is more stressful than just getting it over with.

    Never mind! It'll look great when it's done!

  5. You and me both sister! I cannot watch t.v. especially if there is a different stitch at the very end of the row...I totally forget about it by then! LOL! I pause the t.v....do a pattern repeat and then go back to watching....maybe you could use ear plugs?
    Love that yarn! I want to try it! Also, Luna is too cute! Yes, evil leaves for sure! This morning Annie went out and had a barking fit because someone had put an evil "workmen ahead" sign on the edge of our property....lol!
    I love the colors in that shawl and it is going to be gorgeous when you're done...it already is!
    I regret starting the Hitch Hiker as it's all I want to work on now....such enjoyment! Now I know why everyone loves doing shawls. Have a great week!

  6. Oh...I'm so glad you posted a photo of Luna!!! She is adorable!!! :) The yarn looks fantastic Marsha, so do your shawl and socks!!!

  7. Good job Luna is there to protect you from the leaves! Just add a contrast or coordinating toe - no-one will see it anyway, apart from us! Love the shawl and it will be worth it in the end.


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