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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


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Life has slowed down and things are pretty much back to normal for us.  Yes, there will be more traveling than we're used to, but that's OK.  We still seem to be having more normal days and I am much calmer now.

These past few days I have been working on:

1. Socks.............hubby's socks now have the heeled turned on both pair.

2.  Shawl............Midnight Sunset was set aside last night  I noticed my one needle was snagging the yarn.  I put it under the magnifying glass and found a burr.  I tried sanding it down only to create more rough spots on the tip.  FINE!  I ordered another interchangeable set of tips.  Once they come in I will continue on with the shawl.  There also just might be some sock yarn coming with those needles.  Just maybe.

3.  Project bags.......I am trying to sew one bag per day.  They are fun to sew and only take about an hour once they are cut out.   I copied the tissue paper pattern onto a file folder.  The tissue paper only holds up for so long before it is in shambles.  Since it is all straight lines, I am able to use my rotary cutter and cutting mat and quilting ruler.  Makes it super easy to to get them cut out and the lines are super straight every time.

I contacted my knitting instructor a couple days ago.  I am hoping we can get together soon so he can show me how to read the instructions for the scarf I cast on over 3 months ago.  We have made 2 other appointments but something always came up and we would need to cancel.

This week has found me with tears falling once in a while.  It is a good thing.  It means I am no longer bottling up my feelings.  I realized how much I miss talking to my mom.  It kind of hit me the other day.  I was driving by an Orchid Tree in full bloom. Image result for orchid tree

 I started to stop and take a picture of it to show to my mom only to remember she was not here to show it to.  Moments like that are happening more and more with springtime here in the desert.  Everything is starting to bloom and she loved anything with flowers.  There are sure to be moments like this for a while yet.  

Hubby is going to be gone this evening.  Sounds like a good time to go into the craft room and do some project bag sewing.  Maybe I will just cut out several of them and have them ready to sew up when I have a spare 45-60 minutes.  It actually takes about the same to cut them out as it does to sew them.  It is the ironing the seams open that takes the time.  But it needs to be done to make them look 'finished'.

Until next time........happy crafting!


  1. Oooooh... Hugs to you, Marsha. That is a very bittersweet thing you shared. I'm glad that you have such beautiful things (blooming flowers and trees) to make you think of your mom. That tree is gorgeous. I don't think I'd ever heard of an Orchid tree. If I've seen one, I didn't know what it was. I imagine the smell is amazing, too. I hope you have a calm, productive and peaceful spring. We're back to winter here, so I'm glad I enjoyed last weekend when it was beautiful and spring-like. ;^)

  2. Glad things are getting back to normal. The tree is beautiful and it will take a long time to get over the loss but pretty soon you will find yourself smiling at all the good memories you have of her. I see things I know my Mother would like and I still tell her about them...lol! Crazy I know but since most of my family is gone I just talk to them like they can hear me and I ask them for help sometimes. I guess I've lived alone too long! LOL! But it feels good to remember them and include them.
    What pattern do you use for your project bags? You are really being productive on all fronts! You go girl!

  3. It's okay to cry when you need to. You love your mama. I had NO idea an orchid tree exists! Amazing.


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