Sunday, March 11, 2018


Well hello everyone.  Here we are again for another update.  It has been a great week.  It ended with a bit of wetness falling from the sky yesterday afternoon and continuing into this morning.  That is normally a very welcomed thing.  Not so much this time.  Last night, we had a BBQ party planned with our family.  There were to be 11 of us total.  Did we cancel?  Heck no!  We just pulled the grill under our canopy and cooked those steaks like it was a normal sunny day.  They were delicious!!!  Here is a photo of or local Grand Daughter and her BFF having fun while we were cooking.

These girls are so much fun.  Love them to pieces. 

I think everyone had a great time.  The food was eaten without many leftovers.  That is a good thing.  We enjoyed all the laughter and conversation.  It was so nice to have everyone together for a few hours.  My mom would have loved it too!

Let's see what happened in my crafting world.

I am stalled on my shawl.  For some reason, one of my needles has developed a burr on it.  I tried to file it off but only made it worse.  I ordered new needles but............they are coming from Massachusetts and they are in the middle of that horrible nor'easter.  They were supposed to be delivered on Saturday but no show.  I hope they show up next week.  I really want to finish this shawl.  

So......... the socks got most of the attention this week.

Heels are completed on both socks.  I am still enjoying these socks.  This yarn makes a plain vanilla sock interesting.  I am hoping to finish these this week.  I have two new patterns I want to try.  

I am still making project bags.  I was asked what pattern I am using.  

Here is the pattern.  I have done quite a few modifications to #B.  I just basically needed the main outline for the bag and then I made it 'mine'.  I have not been able to get to my sewing machine for about 4 days and I miss it.  Hopefully, there will be some time for more cutting of the bags.  I would like to have many all cut out and ready to sew. 

As for Orchid trees............................They are so beautiful.  The one in my neighbor's yard is just about done blooming.  They only bloom once a year and they do not have any smell.  Their blooms are always purple.  Look them up on the Internet.  Another lovely tree is the Tulip Tree.  They have spectacular blooms too.  I have not seen one in Arizona but they had them in Kansas.  If you want a tree with lovely, grapefruit or lemon are fantastic and the Acacia tree will knock your socks off too.  of course, these are native to the warmer climates like Southern California, Arizona and Florida.

So that is all for this week.

Until next time.....................Happy Crafting!!!!!


  1. I hope your replacement needle arrives soon!! Love the socks! I might have to keep a lookout for that bag pattern - I want to try sewing a few project bags for myself.

  2. Oh no, I hope your needle arrives, as we have another Nor'easter coming in Monday into Tuesday! I know some people still do not have power..we were lucky...that has happened to one of my Lantern Moon dpns....hopefully you'll get back at it soon...I love self stripe yarn so MUCH!!

  3. Your family BBQ sounds wonderful, and the pictures of your granddaughter and her friend are fun. Beautiful girls! Your socks look wonderful. Perfectly knit!

    Thanks for the info on your Orchid tree, and others that do well in your climate My magnolia tree is very perfumy. I love it, and its blooms always make me smile in the spring time, but it makes me a little sad how short-lived they are. And if a hard rain or storm comes along (like it's apt to do in the spring time), all those lovely blossoms are whipped out of the tree even quicker. There are lots of Magnolias in our neighborhood and come spring it's a beautiful sight. We used to have a tulip tree, but it was planted too close to the power lines and when it got too tall it had to come out (trimming around power lines makes for pretty ugly trees, we've found, so after the power company's contracted trimmers ruined them we just removed them. My only regret is we didn't plant new ones in their place. Our backyard has so little shade.

    Hope you get your new needles quickly and are soon humming away on your shawl.

  4. All those trees sound so lovely. I was in South Africa once when the Jacarandas were blossoming and that was fabulous! We'll get some colour in a couple of months when the cherry blossoms and apple blossoms come along. And then the Lilacs of course :)

    I hope your new needles arrive soon. We got glancing blows from those NorEasters and it wasn't much fun... it'd be a ton worse without power and heat!

  5. Wow, a Tulip tree too? I'll have to look that up. I used to want a tree in our front yard but I've noticed how the roots mess up the sidewalks. Maybe for our backyard instead. A family bbq is always fun. Glad yours was successful despite the rain.

  6. We used to have a mock orange in Illinois that smelled awesome but yes, the rest of those trees are warm-blooded varieties. My neighbor has a magnolia but I don't care to have one as they are messy and her leaves blow in my yard and they are huge!
    Your bbq sounded like great fun and those girls are too cute! I hope you get your needles soon. I love the colors in that shawl. The socks are looking good and you are making great progress.

  7. P.S. Duh me...........thank you for the pattern info....I need a pattern...I am not that creative! Thank you! Your bags are gorgeous!

  8. Hi Marsha :) The socks look great! Your stitching looks so neat and clean, I love seeing the progress. I'm glad you enjoyed the bbq. Weather can't stop a good meal! :)

  9. The bbq sounds brilliant, lots of lovely laughter. I hope your new needles get to you soon.


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