Sunday, December 17, 2017


Have you noticed how quickly the year 2017 is coming to a close?  I always heard, the older you get, the quicker time goes by.  I wonder if that was coined by Methuselah?

I am up super early today, thanks to a marvelous thunderstorm that arrived around 4am.  The thunder and lightening has moved on and now there is a lovely steady rain happening.  We sooooooo needed the moisture.  Winter in the desert is one of our 2 rainy seasons.  I know it is winter, as I turned on our heater yesterday, for the first time.  

This week did not see me accomplish all I wanted to.  I did get this far:

One sock is completed and the other one is frustrating me to no end.  I have been working on it every evening for at least 1 - 2 hours and it doesn't seem to be growing.

I need to get this to 7 3/4" before I start the toe.  I even accused hubby of getting up each night and ripping out all I did that day.  I am hoping to complete this yet this week.  

This coming weekend, my home will be filled with family.  There will be 11 of us for about 5 days.  Trying to meal plan for this group is not easy.  I am looking into casseroles (lasagna) and lots of burgers and hot dogs on the grill.  We have decided to order our Christmas Dinner from the local grocery store.  There will be a total of 17 of us for that meal and I don't think it is fair for 1 person to have to cook for that big of a crowd.

I still need to get busy and bake some cookies and brownies for the group.  Gotta have sweets for children.  There will also be fruit and nuts and veggies for snacking.  I guess I should make some bread too.  Haven't made any in almost a month!  Hubby and I have not even missed it.

Next Sunday, we are having a surprise birthday party for my mom's 90th.  Her actual bday is on Christmas but................most places are closed that day.  I am so excited for her to get out and see some family that has not been around in a few years.  It should be fun.  Say a little prayer that her transportation doesn't get this all messed up.  We have been having a little issue with them lately.

We were treated to a mini concert by our local grand.

Her actual band concert was this past Friday.  It was quite good.  She is playing her solo for us in this photo.  She did the theme song from Beauty and the Beast.  Don't you just love her outfit?  She had just gotten done with her softball game.  She plays center field.

This morning, I am teaching RCIA at our church.  My teaching companions will not be there with me.  Their father passed away this past week.  Totally understandable why they can not make it.  Lucky for me, the lesson is 90% on a video.  I mostly will be fielding questions from the class.

 There is still some Christmas shopping I need to do.  I have 1 gift left to buy and can not figure out what to get the person.  Wrapping will happen on Tuesday.  I have no appointments that day!  That will be my first "day off" in over 3 weeks.  I was going to have my knitting guru over to help me with this scarf, I need to make, but.....................he is under the weather so I told him to keep his cooties to himself.  It's not like I don't have other projects to work on.

Time for me to go and have another cup of coffee and a little breakfast.  If you would do me a favor and say a little prayer for me.  I have a very important blood test coming up this week.  This will be my third one.  I am having some issues with some of the levels in my system.  Please pray that things will be normal or very close to normal this time.  It is much appreciated.  So Thank You in advance!

Until next time..............................Happy Crafting!!!!!


  1. Whew....I'm tired reading your post. lol You've been super busy. LOVE the colors in your socks. Socks are something I keep saying I need to try, but have yet to do so. Thanks for the visit, sorry to be slow getting back to you here. Wish we could slow this time of the year down. You're going to have quite a full house. Our daughter gets home this coming Thursday, so looking forward to that. Congrats to you Mom at 90! My Dad is soon to be 92. Such a wonderful treasure to have them with us.

  2. I will definitely say prayers for you!!! I love your socks and I hope they speed along for you now. I can't imagine what a fun time you will have with your family all together and your Mom turning 90! Just don't overdo are smart to order Christmas dinner but I'm sure that isn't cheap either. What a cute picture of your granddaughter and what fun to see their concerts and games. I miss that part a lot. What does RCIA stand for? Roman Catholic....?
    Your dance card is way too need to slow down before you get sick. I hope you figure out your last gift and that your blood test comes out perfectly fine! Hugs & prayers..Sam

  3. Sounds like fun - a house filled with family for the holidays! And I'm definitely on board with the local grocery store doing the big meal. After all, my local grocery store did all my Christmas baking!

    Cute socks - very fresh colours!

  4. I hope everything goes well at the blood test - prayers said here.
    It sounds very busy and the sock is tantalisingly close to the toe. I hope you have a great week and get everything accomplished that you want.

  5. Great progress all around (well except for the socks - I wonder if your husband is unraveling your night's work - lol)

  6. Hi Marsha,
    Lol at have a good sense of humour. His last few hundred years must have flown by.

    I'm definitely sending you good wishes for your blood test. I hope all is well! My gosh that is a lot of people coming over, I wouldn't want to cook for 17 people either! Good call on the ordering out, now you can concentrate on goodies and enjoying yourself! I remember my grandma always being in the kitchen and missing out on the gathering, but I think she liked it that way!

    Happy birthday to your mom! Hope everything goes as planned! Love those socks!!!

  7. That is a nifty sock measuring tool. I suppose sock knitters are familiar with it, but until I saw it, it never even occurred to me how you get both socks the same length. I guess I just thought that was part of the magic of knitting. ;^) Praying as I type, and I hope you receive good results from your blood test, Marsha. Will be waiting with bated breath to hear.

  8. Marsha, check out this link, you could make a penguin on your fridge!!

  9. I see you have the sock ruler. I have one too and find it helpful. I wish sometimes though it was more detailed in measurements; I'm anal like that, LOL. I loved reading about your cooking and baking plans. What a beautiful granddaughter and how talented she is! I used to play the flute from 4th grade to 8th; I made first chair in middle school and played with the choir at their command performance. Our band even played for President Cory Aquino when she had visited once from the Philippines.
    Thank you for your recent visit. I ordered bobbins, bobbin cases, and these clips (like Clover's Wonder Clips) from Prime. The clips may help me more as pinning with pins can move and bunch the fabric.

  10. Every time I knit socks they are driving me crazy - for something so small they are taking an awfully long time to knit! And then, once I finally finish them I seem to temporarily forget how they drive me crazy and I cast on for another pair, and... well.

    I do love your socks, they look great and I'm sure they will be so lovely to wear once they are done!

    Wonderful to read about all the things you've been up to. Hope you have a lovely and peaceful Christmas. x


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