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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Thumb

Can you believe it?  I have blogged for 3 days in a row.  I never knew I had this much to talk about.  Sure does seem if I think about it, I can find something to talk about all the time. 

I got up extra early this morning.  The sun wasn't even coming up yet.  I guess I was so excited to go to the Orthopedic Dr..........NOT!

I did go to the Dr just like a good girl.  He was very good and explained everything to me 100%.  I didn't tell him I had been in the medical field for over 40 years as I wanted to see how he would handle a patient without any medical knowledge.  He was excellent.

He really wanted to put a cast on my thumb and arm.  I asked if we could negotiate that and go down to a splint.

Perfect.....................I could not see having a plaster cast on with the heat that we will be having in the next couple of weeks.

Bad news.........................knitting seems to be a problem with this on.  Crocheting might be doable though.  I am going to try again later today to knit as see if I can figure out how to hold my needle with 4 fingers and no thumb.  The thumb is totally immobile.  I am not ready to give up yet.  I promised the Dr I would only take the splint off when showering and I will keep that promise.

Another problem..........................unable to do buttons.  I need to pull out all my pull on  bottoms.  I have skirts, capris and shorts with no buttons and of course, plenty of pull on tops. Will not be able to tie shoes either.  I never realized how left handed I was until today.  Even typing this blog is cumbersome.  Thumbs are a very important part of the anatomy!

If you follow my blog, you saw all the books I have to read.  Good thing, as I feel I will be doing a lot of that for the next month.

Ok, I am off to go and visit my mom.  Until next time...............happy crafting (and do some for me)


  1. That reminds me of when I first got RA I could hardly wipe myself or brush my hair....it was awful! I had my farm and I was alone per usual....not even a hired hand! But it's amazing what we can get through with a little stubborness! LOL! Thank goodness you have a back up hobby in the reading! It will be hard though for you, I know but if it doesn't heal properly you may not be able to knit at all so that's what I would keep telling myself (even if it's not really true just to keep you safe!) Thank God that was all that came of it....from minute to minute we just never know what's in store and that is probably a very good thing! I will pray that you heal fast and can get back to your knitting. Hugs~Sam

  2. I saw somewhere (ravelry?) that some knitters use long needles and tuck the left hand needle between their arm and their body. Maybe that would be a temporary fix for you and your knitting. Good for you talking the doc into that splint rather than a cast. Ironic it was your left thumb, eh, lefty crafter!


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