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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mid-week update

Yesterday turned out to not be as boring as I thought.  I did some things that had needed doing for a while.  I totally cleaned my kitchen.  I love cleaning my kitchen. Ever since we had it remodeled, it is one of my favorite places to spend time.  I have so much storage space now compared to when we moved into this house 29 years ago.  

I love my granite counter tops.  They are the easiest to keep clean and the shine on them is tip top.  They got a good cleaning yesterday and they shine brilliantly today.  The only problem with this cleaning frenzy I had.............now I don't want to cook in there because it will mess things up.  It's a vicious circle.

I also laid out a new puzzle yesterday.  I have the border together and that is about all right now.  It will be a challenge as it is mostly shades of browns and greens.  But, I have the time so I will work on it slowly and just enjoy the process.

I also crocheted a couple of rows on the prayer shawl I am working on.  I am doing Angel Wings shawl.  It is pretty mindless once the pattern has been established and perfect for watching TV.  I am using 3 colors on it just to make it interesting.  I am just happy, I can play with fiber for a little bit each day.

Last night, I helped give a tour of our church to 50 3rd graders.  It was so much fun and they had so many questions.  These kids are so super smart and like little sponges.  They soaked up everything that was told to them and they even educated me on some items.  It was wonderful but lasted way longer than I expected.  I was there for over 2 hours while only expecting and hour long tour.

Today I have plans to teach the left handers at our parochial school crochet. This is my weekly 'job' that I volunteered for.  It will continue until the end of school in May.  I only have 2 students and they are absolutely a joy to work with.  They too, are little sponges and have learned stitches so quickly.  Soon they will be more advanced than I am!

I added something to my blog today.  Becki from Field Lilies suggested I put a "subscribe by email" gadget on my sidebar.  This will make it much easier for some folks to follow my blog. I am all about making things easier whenever possible.  So this morning, I ventured into blogspot and found said gadget and put it on my side bar.  Thanks Becki for that bit of wisdom.  I have been blogging for over 10 years now and am still learning all sorts of ideas.

Hubby comes home tomorrow.  He has enjoyed his time with his mom but said Las Vegas is not any fun without me there.  That made my heart happy.  I love going places with him and that is one place we always have a blast at.  Hopefully, I will be able to go up there with him in the next few months again.  He tries to visit his mom about every 3-4 months.  She will be 90 in May!  With my travel schedule this year, helping out with Grands, I have not been as available as normal to go with him.  That should be changing here in the next 4-6 months though.  Everyone should be back to their home duty stations by then and things will settle down then.

Today, I am going to attack our family room and get it all straightened out and throw out a BUNCH of stuff that my dear sweet husband kind of pigeon holes.  He is a huge book hoarder.  I do not begrudge him his books, as he does read them and uses many of them for references when teach religion.  What I do begrudge is he sticks them every which way in our book shelves.  The shelves in the family room drive me batty.  We have other shelves in a guest bedroom and they can be all sorts of messed up and I don't care as I don't look at them 24/7.  So, today, the bookshelves in the family room are going to get a tidying up. They will look lovely when I am done and I will threaten him if he even thinks about putting a book in them that is not standing up straight.  I never thought I was OCD until the last few years. When we started the remodel of our house, I discovered my OCD side.  It is not as bad as some people in my family.  I have areas in my home that are not totally organized, and that does not affect me at all.  But areas that I am in  constantly.............they have to be organized, tidy, neat, clean etc.  I can not stand to have; dirty dishes in my sink, too many items on my kitchen counter tops, unorganized kitchen drawers, unmade bed, cluttered night stands, unorganized clothes closets, books laying every which way in the book cases, dog toys scattered all over the floors............you kind of get the idea, huh?  So it is good, that once in a while, the husband leaves town and I stay home.  I get so much organizing done. This only happens once a year though.  So I have to make the most of that time.  If I do this when he is home, he wants to help or he wants to do something else.  I am much better off doing it by myself and without any interference.  And having him over my shoulder telling me how to do it makes me a little angry at time.  LOL  Ok, A LOT angry at times.

So off I go to organize books and the entire family room.  I also have another load of laundry to do today.  I like to keep that up during the week, so our weekends are free to spend with family and friends.

Until next time............Happy Crafting!

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  1. Oh dear... you'd better not come to my house, Marsha. Yesterday I noticed that I still have my steam iron on my night stand - from blocking squares, how long ago now? A month ago, maybe. I'm getting ready to get the sheets out of the drier and remake the bed. I've had to have washed and changed the sheets at least 5 or 6 times since using that iron. I think I'll put the iron away today. Oh, and I can relate to trying to organize (and in my case dejunk) when hubby is home. He is often inspired by my productivity and starts getting ideas and making suggestions. It's maddening and I find it demotivating. We've talked about it and it's gotten better, but sometimes I have to remind him. It feels good to read your post and know that this is normal (on some level).


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