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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Thumb

Can you believe it?  I have blogged for 3 days in a row.  I never knew I had this much to talk about.  Sure does seem if I think about it, I can find something to talk about all the time. 

I got up extra early this morning.  The sun wasn't even coming up yet.  I guess I was so excited to go to the Orthopedic Dr..........NOT!

I did go to the Dr just like a good girl.  He was very good and explained everything to me 100%.  I didn't tell him I had been in the medical field for over 40 years as I wanted to see how he would handle a patient without any medical knowledge.  He was excellent.

He really wanted to put a cast on my thumb and arm.  I asked if we could negotiate that and go down to a splint.

Perfect.....................I could not see having a plaster cast on with the heat that we will be having in the next couple of weeks.

Bad news.........................knitting seems to be a problem with this on.  Crocheting might be doable though.  I am going to try again later today to knit as see if I can figure out how to hold my needle with 4 fingers and no thumb.  The thumb is totally immobile.  I am not ready to give up yet.  I promised the Dr I would only take the splint off when showering and I will keep that promise.

Another problem..........................unable to do buttons.  I need to pull out all my pull on  bottoms.  I have skirts, capris and shorts with no buttons and of course, plenty of pull on tops. Will not be able to tie shoes either.  I never realized how left handed I was until today.  Even typing this blog is cumbersome.  Thumbs are a very important part of the anatomy!

If you follow my blog, you saw all the books I have to read.  Good thing, as I feel I will be doing a lot of that for the next month.

Ok, I am off to go and visit my mom.  Until next time...............happy crafting (and do some for me)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday and an Update

 Hello again my friends.  I am so happy to be back again today.  It is going to be a wonderful Wednesday because I refuse to let the storm clouds that are moving in to dampen my week.

Yesterday did not quite turn out the way I had planned.   As soon as I published my blog my phone rang.  I was needed to take my DIL's mother to urgent care.  She had sliced her finger very badly and the bleeding would not stop.  She got all fixed up and was so grateful for the help.  She is a lovely woman and I really enjoy her.  This is the reason it is important for the inlaws to get along well lol.

Once back home it was time for lunch but again my phone rang.  This time from my Doctor's office letting me know my left thumb is broken and I need to see a orthopedic surgeon.  So for the next hour I was making Dr appointments and getting my paperwork together to pick up a digital copy of my xrays.

I am not too panicked about the broken thumb.  I do believe I will be put in a removeable splint for about a month to 6 weeks and that should do the trick.  I think I will still be able to knit and crochet even with the splint on.   If not, you will be able to find me in the corner curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth lol.

I did however, get to watch my grands basketball game.  Her team won and it was very exciting to watch.  Both teams had some dynamic players.

Our Italian Beef sandwiches were wonderful.  There is enough left for tonight's dinner and then I will freeze it and can have it while hubby is gone next week.

On to wonderful Wednesday..............

Hubby and I started our day quite early.  He just finished cleaning the salt cell to our swimming pool and my home made banana bread just came out of the oven.  The house smells wonderful.

I will be leaving shortly to return some items to costco and then get our water bottles filled for our cooler.  I should be done in plenty of time to make crochet class a little after 12 noon.  

Hubby is taking our neighbor for her last chemo infusion today as her husband has been in the hospital for over a week and she no longer drives.  

My yarn for my test knit shawl did not arrive yesterday but says it is out for delivery today. Yippee I will cast that on right after I cake it up.

Tonight hubby serves at church and I will be going to my bffs house for final instructions for while they are gone.  Their son is being deployed this weekend so they are going to say "see ya later".  There are NO goodbyes in the military. 

I was asked what books I am reading.  Let me show you:

 I started this one 2 nights ago.  It is on my kindle and was gotten through my Prime Reading free library.  The language is a bit rough but the story line is pretty good and since it is a romance type book, I already know how this will end.  I just keep reading to find out how it will happen lol.

 I started this book while in Texas.  My mom read it first and said it was pretty good.  It is about a girl with downs syndrome. I am enjoying it but it is kind of a slow read for me.  My emotions really come to the surface while reading this.  That means I can only read so much and then need to lay it aside for a few days.

I found this book at the used book store.  I have read a few of her other books and love them.  Her humor is off the charts. I totally relate to so many of her knitting woes.  Even though she is a knitting guru.......she is still human and makes mistakes just like us mere mortals.

I found this book at Costco and had to have it.  The author is the same one who wrote "A Man Named Ove".  I have been reading this now for a few days and must say it is really a cute book.  The characters are marvelous in it.

I have acquired several other books in my library.

 I found this as Costco also.  This one will go to my mom as soon as I read it as will the Fredrick Backman book.

 This was free through my Prime Library and looked kind of cute.  I enjoy light reading when going to bed and this one fit the bill.

Another freebie through my Prime Library.  This one is set in 1913 Iowa.  Since that is the place of my birth and where all my family was raised, I decided it would be the perfect book to get some history of the state. I will put this one on my mom's kindle when she is ready for new books.

As for crafting......I completed the working test crochets in double and treble, last night.  They are bagged and ready to give to the students today.

My Spring Tulip heel is completed and I will be doing the other one soon.  Like I said earlier......when the new yarn gets here everything gets put on hold while the test knit happens.

So, that is my day.  I will update tomorrow after seeing the Doctor.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.   I am going to!

Until next time...........happy crafting

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Terrific Tuesday

You might ask.......what makes today so terrific?  It is terrific because I say it is going to be.  I want it to be terrific, I need it to be terrific and I am asking the good Lord to make it happen. 

I got my rental car yesterday.  It is the samr make and model of my damaged baby.  Makes driving so mich easier.  The only draw back....mine has all the bells and whistles and this one is bare basics. This one also has been used by smokers and so the car reeks.  Good thing I noticed that before I signed the rental agreement.  It was noted so I don't get dinged for it.  Being an ex smoker, it might amaze you, but the smell of cigarette smoke does not bother me.  I will put an air freshener in the car and we will be all good.  Terrific Tuesday

I am  up the the heel in both of my spring tulip socks. I will be doing the Fish Kis lips Heel again in these.  It goes pretty fast and I love the way it shapes and molds to my foot.  Terrific Tuesday.

I am waiting for my yarn to come in the mail so I can start on my test knit shawl.  I adore casting on new projects and watching them take shape.  Terrific Tuesday. 

My dinner is already in the crockpot.  Tonight is Italian beef Sandwiches from Skinnytastes recipes.  I adore her recipes and they fit my weight watchers oerfectly.  Terrific Tuesday 

I am picking up my Grand daughter from school today and I am getting to watch her play a basketball game too.  I haven't been to one of her games yet so excited to see the team in action.  Terrific Tuesday 

I downloaded a few books to my kindle last night and am loving reading them.  I am now reading 3 books at once plus my Real Simple magazine.  I am glad I learned to appreciate the adventure of reading.  Terrific Tuesday 

I a off to get showered and ready to hit the road to run a few errands before the heat hits again.  Then I will come home and work on my socks until the mail comes.  Yes, that will be me running to the mailbox to check for yarn.  Terrific Tuesday 

Until next tim

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Life in the fast lane week 38

Howdy everyone.  It has been a while since I was here and it was remiss of me to ignore my blog for 3 weeks.  Life has a way of getting out of hand and that is exactly what has been happening here at Casa de Noce.

Before I start in on life events, let's take a look at my crafting life.

I finished the test knit socks but am still not able to publish any photos as the pattern has not been released yet.

I did finish my Dying of the light shawl KAL with Knitterarium

The photo is crummy and I apologize for that.  This is the back with the ends wrapped around. It is a very good sized shawl and I believe I will get some good use out of it this fall.  Since we are already in the 90F I doubt I will be wearing it anytime before November.

I am in another test knit for Knitterarium and this time it is for a shawl.  I will be starting as soon as my yarn arrives.  I love test knitting.

After the test socks and shawl were off the needles, I turned to my Spring Tulip Socks,

There are 4 rows left on this one before I start the heel.  Then I will catch the other sock up to it.

I am still working with the prayer shawl ministry at my church as well as helping teach students how to crochet.  I am in charge of the left handers.  There are only 2 lefties and they are catching on quite rapidly.

That completes my crafting life.  I would have gotten more completed but..........

Last time I told you hubby needed some minor surgery.  That happened  and then 1 week later he ended up in the emergency room with hemorrhaging.  I don't think I have ever been so scared.  He was kept overnight in the hospital and came close to needing a transfusion but scraped by without one.  He is home and doing much better.  His healing is almost 100% now.

Hubby is on lifting restrictions so I am doing many of the things hubby normally did.  It is making him crazy not being able to do as normal.  Another week or 2 and he will be back to his normal activities.

So just as we are recouping from all that, this happens:

Yup, that is my car.  I was hit just 1 mile away from my destination.  I was on my way to visit my mom.  Someone did not pay attention to the yield sign.  That someone was NOT me.  This is the second time my little car has been in an accident.  Neither of them are my fault either.  Of course my insirance doesn't rates will go up again because we live in a no fault state.

As for injuries

My left thumb got bruised up pretty good.  I did go and have it xrayed but do not have results back yet.  That happened on Thursday and it is still swollen today but I am able to knit lol.  Haven't tried crocheting yet........I need to do that soon as I have class on Wednesday and need to make up some working samples for my little ladies.

I have other bruises but nothing serious.  Thankfully I was the only one in the car.  I will be picking up a rental tomorrow and will have it until mine is fixed............again.

On top of all this........we have a dear friend in ICU, another dear friend in Hospice and another very dear friend being deployed to the middle east.  I am so thankful I have my fiber arts to work on.  It calms my soul and gives me time to talk with God.  My faith and fibers keep me strong.

Until next time..........Happy crafting