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Sunday, August 28, 2022

WEEK 9 of YOP 12


Hi there.  Glad you dropped by.  Let's take a look at what kind of things have been happening since the last time we got together.

There are two finishes this week.

This is # 29

This is #30.  Yes, I have made the 'To the Point' shawl 30 times in the past 5 years.  Number 29 was made from my leftover Simply Soft Caron yarns that was used to make some of these shawls.  The black in #30 is the rest of the leftover black from previous shawls.  Have no fear, I still have plenty of worsted weight acrylic yarn to make many more of these shawls.  

I did cast on some more Rose City Roller socks on Thursday.

The yarn is Cozy Toes in the colorway Shine like Summertime.  These will be for ME this time.  The one of the right is ready for the FLK heel.  I am hoping to have the one on the left to that point by the end of today.  If I am lucky and there is nothing pressing for me to do today, I might even get the heels done today.

I spent two days working on our pantry.  I went through every box, can and bottle checking for expiration dates.  Then, I filled 2 boxes with canned goods as well as mac n cheese and salad dressings that I knew we would never get to before they 'expired'.  The food bank, through our church, will not take anything that is past its expiration date. But, my biggest accomplishment was getting my 'baking shelf' totally organized and labeled.

There are still a few more containers to go into this space.  I just got the last of the containers yesterday and need to wash and dry them before using them.  The powdered sugar will go into one of them and then I have rye flour and pumpernickel flour for two other containers.  This makes it so nice to do my bread making and baking of goodies.  No more having to pull bags and boxes out in hopes of being able to get them back in.  Not to mention, when the husband or  man-child needs some sugar or cocoa powder, they can find it without asking for my help.

This weeks cooking was fun for me.  Having our son live with us has given me the chance to really cook again.  I mean, I do cook for hubby and myself, but now when I cook I am much more mindful of making sure there is a protein, veggie and carb in each dinner I serve.  There is also always a sweet treat hanging around for anyone who needs it.  This week, some of the things I made were; bread, flour tortillas, a pot of pinto beans to go with our red chili pork, two batches of brownies and green chili meatloaf.  I discovered our son is not a bread eater but make flour tortillas and he is in heaven.  I enjoy making them too.  So, we have a steady supply of flour tortillas in our kitchen now.

Speaking of the son living with us.........he got a promotion at work this week.  Not too bad for only being here for 2 weeks.  Actually, the company he works for had him in mind for this position from the time they interviewed him.  They just wanted to see what kind of work ethic he had before promoting him.  After spending 23 years in the US Navy, his work ethic is spot on!  We are all very proud of him and the man he has become.  This is not the same person whom we never thought would graduate from high school because of his behavior and attitude.  

It has been nice to see 3 of our 'children' together again.  Our 4th 'child' owns his own business in Washington state and loves it there.  He has no desire to move here.  So we will just be happy with visits from him when he can break away from work.

My dogs are not happy with me.  I took them to the groomers this week for a pedicure.  Normally I do their nails but lately they both have been refusing to be held by my husband while I do the clipping.  Enrique was so good at the groomer.  He wasn't too bad in the car either.  Luna was a mess.  Just trying to get her harness on took two of us.  She kept trying to bite me. Not normal behavior for her.  Finally got her into the car and to the groomers.  I carried her into the groomers as the pavement was very hot and I didn't want to burn the pads of her feet.  It took two people to control her while they did her nails!  This is not Luna!  She is the sweetest and kindest dog I have ever owned.  We think it is because she is deaf and almost blind.  Therefore, she was scared and not sure what was going on and could not hear or see who was around her cooing soft words to her. I felt bad for her.  She has been a bit out of sorts ever since too.  Poor baby.

Today, our son is doing some honey do's for us.  Lights are being hung in the backyard, a new mail box is being installed and a tray added to our Traeger grill.  That pretty much takes care of all our home improvement projects we had lined up for him to do.  Then we can just enjoy our time with him and look forward to when his family comes to join him.

What's new with you?

Until Next Time.............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are so lucky to have 3 of the 4 now nearby. I don't think either of my 2 older will ever move back and no idea where the youngest will land after he graduates from college. I do treasure these last years of college that he still lives at home. Love the yarn for your socks. Very summery. Congrats on your beautiful baking shelf.

  2. Frodo can be like that! And he is not deaf and blind...hm. Glad you won the wrestle. LOVE those socks!! and for you -- swoon!

  3. Love your new socks! What pretty yarn that is. Your pantry is very organized. It makes you feel so good when you finish a project like that as opposed to so many household chores that have to be done over and over. I wish you could send your son down here! I have all kinds of t hings that need "fixing"...lol! What a wonderful son he is and congrats on his promotion!
    So sorry Luna is "upset" but I can understand...it must be scary for her but she will come around. Have a great week!

  4. Haha, I do love a good kitchen cupboard reorganisation! Dylan (my rabbit) gets huffy with me
    when I have taken him for his jabs/mani pedi. I hope Luna settles, it must be tough for her to be losing her hearing and sight, the world can be a frightening place when you don’t know what is happening.

  5. I enjoy reading about how it's going with your son staying with you right now. I can imagine how nice it is to have him there. Sorry to read about Luna - poor girl. Understandable, though. Your baking shelf looks amazing. I'm trying to get our upright freezer better organized, but there's one shelf that just defies organization and I can't find containers that fit the shelf. Just seeing your picture makes me want to get that done already. Going to apply myself a little harder to it. :)

  6. Love hearing about life with your son. It makes me very happy. Oh my your baking shelf is something to behold. I thought I had organized mine earlier in the summer, but compared to you, no contest. I don't think I bake nearly as much as you do. For us it is the spices. My husband does most of the cooking and he loves coming home with yet another package of spices. And then he can't find what he is looking for and therefore buys another of the same kind. I think he has at least 10 versions of chili spice. He tells me they are all different and used for different recipes. I just have to believe him as I don't like really spicy foods and so when he is going down that road I just have some chicken breast with rice and a salad!


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