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Sunday, August 14, 2022

WEEK 7 of YOP 12


Hey there!  Nice of you to drop by again.  I have things to show you.  Let's get right to it.

I finished hubby's socks on Monday the 8th.

They have already been worn and washed and worn again.  I have enough yarn left to make another pair of RCR for him.  I have put sock making on hold for a bit.  With the MKAL coming up in a few weeks, I wanted to make sure I didn't have anything on the needles since my sock needles are what I will be using for the MKAL.

It was hard for me to decide what I wanted to do while I waited for the first of September.  This is what I choose.

My infamous 'To The Point' prayer shawl.  Having never done one in white, I was kind of excited to try it.  Naturally, I ran out of yarn 4 rows from the end.  I picked up some blue out of my stash to finish it off.  Oh, the white is out of my stash too!

Once that one was completed, I started another one.

This is also from my stash.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a lot of acrylic yarn in my stash.  What a great way to use it up, right?

I got some treasures in the mail this week!

My fix-it tools!  This is not what I really call them.  My name for them is my Ah S**t tools.  I lost one this week and while trying to find where it went, hubby told me to go to Amazon and order another one.  Well, they sold them in a 6 pack!  As soon as I pressed the order button, I found the lost one.  At least, now I will not panic the next time my tool falls into the crack of my chair!

We have adjusted well to having another person living with us.  In fact, it has been nice having our youngest back here again.  This weekend, he has helped us with some projects that are hard for us 'old' folks to do.

#1  He installed my weather station that I received from my husband for Christmas.  Parts of it needed to be attached to the roof.  Hubby is not allowed on the roof, so this waited for a 'young' person to do it.  It still needs a bit of adjustment for the wind gauge is not high enough.  But for now......I am happy it is up.

I would have loved to have been a meteorologist.  My issue was passing science.  Not my best subject in school.  Except the section on meteorology.  I aced that one. This sets right next to where I knit.  And yes, at 10am it was 91F outside.  Welcome to living in the desert in the summer.

#2 He also replaced our Ring doorbell with a Blink doorbell.  We have Blink cameras around the outside of our house and decided to go with the same doorbell instead of the other brand we have had for a couple of years.

#3 The last job he did for us was replace the door knob and dead bolt on our front door.  It now matches the door knobs in the rest of the house.  It is hard for me to turn a normal door knob, so we have replaced all of them with lever door knobs.  No problems for me now!

There are a few more little things we will have him do for us yet.  We will spread them out over a few weekends.  That way, he will have time to enjoy his days off too.

We are smoking a brisket today.  I will make flour tortillas to go with it too.  Hopefully there will be some leftovers so our son can take it for his lunches this week.  I sent my husband to the store last week for one item and he found a brisket on sale!  The meat cutter there is so nice.  He cut the brisket into 3 sections and trimmed quite a bit of the excess fat off of it.  So, now you know how we ended up with a brisket for today.  Note to self....husband always finds the best unadvertised deals!

I was able to get into our pool a couple of times this past week.  Our weather is so unpredictable with the monsoons.  Today looks to be a good day for the pool too.  So if you can't find me, look in the backyard.  I will be the one floating around with a big straw hat on and an adult beverage in my hand.

Until Next Time..............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your shawls look great. It is nice to have some acrylic yarn on hand for donated knits or in my case, baby blanket knits. Glad hubby likes his socks so much. It is a treasure to have a child return home for a bit. I am in no hurry for my youngest and his girlfriend to move out.

  2. your blue finishing edge looks like it was meant to be! I love it :)

  3. I love that shawl and the blue border is striking! I am a weather geek too and so is my daughter and my grandson, Sam. Your weather station is very cool!
    brisket sounds wonderful. How nice to have your son there and to help you out. I really like the colors in that sock yarn. Football is coming! I listened to the Bear's pre-season game.
    Have a good week!

  4. Ha, I love the just wanted something to do whilst waiting for thd 1st - I'll whip up two shawls! They are both lovely. You son won't want to leave - lovely lunches made for him. Although it sounds as though he has been most useful already so it's a win-win situation!

  5. Your latest RCR socks looks terrific! I'm excited to see another wannabe meteorologist. The house we bought came with a weather station like this and we've enjoyed keeping track of what's going on outside, and there have been times it's made me turn to the internet to understand some things. Things we often hear on the evening news weather report, but I realize I don't fully understand. Also, Marsha, I want you to knot I'm appreciative that you've mentioned replacing doorknobs with levers. Why have I not thought of that?!? With my thumb arthritis, door knobs have become really difficult. I'm going to look into replacing the hardest knobs here to turn for starters. Thank you!

  6. I really like the blue edge on the shawl. It really makes the geometry of it pop! And how nice to get more yarn out of stash :)

  7. Every time you mention that you have a pool I am sooooo envious. If I lived at your house I would be in there night and day, monsoon or no monsoon. lol. Your shawls are always so beautiful. I love meteorology since I taught it to two grade eight classes and then taught it to a group of teacher trainees. That weather station looks amazing!


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