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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Busy Week


This week has been busy.  Trying to get things finished up before the 'kid' lands at our house this weekend.  The room he will be staying in has been finished up.  This meant a trip to Goodwill to give them some goodies to sell.

Look at all the items that left my house.  I always feel a bit lighter when I donate a car load of things.

Hubby has been painting doors.  These are all the interior doors that were replaced this spring.  There are 7 total to paint and he is on numbers 3 and 4.  They will be done tomorrow and he should be able to get the other three done by the weekend.

Monday I took both of my hydroponic gardens and removed all the plants out and cleaned them up.  I learned so much from my first plantings.  This time I am planting smarter.  The larger garden has 2 heirloom cherry tomato plants as well as Thyme, Mint, Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, and Dill.  The smaller garden will house my salad greens (lettuce).  I am excited to see what kind of lettuce will pop up.  There are supposed to be several different kinds scattered between the 6 pods I am planting.

Cleaning out the gardens took almost 2 hours.  The root system was unbelievable.  I wish I had taken a photo of it.  The roots actually ate the pump filter on the smaller garden.  So, now I am waiting for filters to be delivered so I can get my lettuce going.  (Hurry up Amazon!)

Tuesday I had a massive headache.  It had started Monday and I was really hoping it would go away after a good nights sleep.  Nope!  But I did not let that stop me from finishing up my book on kindle.  I know, reading with a headache is not the smartest thing to do but, it was such a good book and I only had one chapter left to read.

Today I woke up without a headache!  PTL!  I left early this morning and headed to my Dr to get my blood work done.  It is for my yearly Medicare wellness check-up.  Afterwards, I went to my local Kroger store.  Today is senior day and us 'old' folk get an extra 10% off our groceries.  I had gone through all the digital coupons before I went there.  Gotta save all the money I can these days.  

Once I got home, I got busy making dog food for my sweet Luna.  It takes be about 2 hours to get over 3 weeks of food made for her.  She's worth every minute of my labor too.  I love to watch her when she starts to smell all the yummy ingredients being put together.  She dances and jumps and makes cute little yips to let me know it's ok to drop a little of the food.  For being 16 she sure does act like a puppy when food is involved.

Tonight we are having homemade Mexican food.  Hubby made his famous salsa and I got all the veggies chopped up so all I need to do is cook the meat.  Mexican food is my husbands favorite.  I just like FOOD!

Tonight I am going to pick this up.....

I am about half way done with the foot on both socks.  They are the perfect TV watching project.

Time to go and watch the evening news, feed the dogs and the make our dinner.

Until next time...................................................


  1. You sure did have a busy day! A picture of your root filled filters would have been interesting. Remember that next time around, if you can. :)

  2. I had a crazy headache the other day and I think it was the change in the weather. who knows? I am thankful that I do not get migraines, I've heard they are rough. Yay for thinning out the belongings, it never ends!

  3. often when I get crazy headaches it has to do with the barometric pressure dropping. I am glad yours didn't stick around too long.


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