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Sunday, July 31, 2022


 Sunday already?  Goodness, another week gone.  I did get some things done though.

First up:

Hubby's socks are done and have already been worn and washed.  He truly likes the Rose City Roller socks the best.  I have offered to make him more 'long' socks but he keeps asking for these.

I actually took a day off from knitting after those were done.  I went through all my printed patterns to see if anything inspired me......nope.  Then I went through all the patterns I have on my computer for inspiration.........nope.  Nothing jumped out at me so............

Another pair of RCR socks are on the needles.  They are not going to match 100% but hubby says he doesn't care since 98% of the sock is in his shoes.  He has a point.  

I spent two days this past week getting one of our bedrooms ready for our son.  Josie helped me since it is 'her' room he will be staying in.  In all actuality, it is the room he was in when he was a kid too.

Most of this will be going to charity.  The dolls on the right are being kept until Josie figures out where she can keep them at her house.  Not being shown is the 33 gallon garbage bag full of things to be disposed of.  Our son will be arriving this coming Saturday or Sunday.  We are still in shock that he and his family are moving here.  He has been gone for 23 years in the Navy.  But he says he has always missed Arizona.

Today is clean out the hydroponic garden day.  Our tomatoes have pretty much ended their production.  The basil is only offering about 3 leaves per month.  The jalapenos I grew from a seed are not at all what I was hoping for.

See those 2 jalapenos?  Notice they are smaller than the leaves on the plant.  They measure just about 2 inches long.  I will say, they are spicy but not as spicy as I was hoping for.  Plus this is what the entire plant looks like.

Super rangey.  Not a fan at all.  Not to mention the leaves fall off at an alarming rate.  I am constantly picking them up so the dogs don't eat them.  So, today, I will be taking both gardening systems and throwing away the plants that are in them.  Then I will clean them up so they are all shiny again.  Next up to plant will be lettuce.  I am going to try rosemary again (it never germinated last time) and more basil.  

On top of cleaning out the hydroponic gardens, I will be heading to our local ranch market for some produce.  I already have a loaf of bread going in the bread machine.  It is amazing what I can do when I wake up at 4:30 in the morning.  There will also be a bundt cake baked today.  This time I am making a lemon bundt cake.  I love anything lemon in the summertime, don't you?

OK, time to go and mix up the cake and get it baking.

Until Next Time...............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yum lemon. Hubby is making a lemon torte today!! How wonderful that your son and his family are moving nearby. Gives me hope that someday.... Glad your hubby likes his socks. I need to find some new folks to knit socks for. I have way too much sock yarn!!

  2. Funny, my jalapeños are doing really well. I was just saying to the neighbour that I wished I had put in more Jalapeños and skipped the tomatoes altogether!

    You know, I think forgot about how good RCR is for scraps. I think I'll go back to my scraps and add the pattern to my project list!

    Mmmmm lemon! Sounds refreshing. We've got a bumper crop of zucchini so it's been grilled, frittered and baked up into bread! I think I'll go get a slice!

  3. Such great news your son is coming home! I love the RCR socks too, and now you make me think I am gonna knit a pair for my hubby and see what he thinks. Thanks for the tip.

  4. You had a great crafting week! I’m growing Anaheim chilis this year I the garden. They are doing ok!

  5. I love the rcr as well... for me of course. It's so nice your son is coming home and a lemon cake sounds perfect - I love lemon cake any time of the year.

  6. nothing like having visitors to get you to tidy up a space. We had a friend stop by while they were in town and I blitzed the house, it never looked cleaner!!

  7. I like lo-cut socks anymore. If it wasn't too cold to wear them in the winter time, I'd probably wear them year round. I like your newest Rose City Rollers. How exciting that you're going to have your son and his family near. That jalapeno plant really did get large. Too bad it was a bit disappointing for you. I think growing lettuce sounds amazing - fresh salads any day of the year. Yum. And lemon cake sounds amazing. Enjoy!

  8. I have herbs, peppers, and tomatoes growing in containers outside but I can't eat any of it...still on a liquid diet. I love the RCR socks. I have got to make those! Yes, I love citrus anything too.

  9. I love my RCR socks. I'm not sure whether my husband would wear them and that would be annoying if I'd spent all that time knitting the foot. I love lemon all year...it slightly overtakes chocolate in summer though.


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