Sunday, July 17, 2022



I am writing this from my hotel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We arrived yesterday afternoon.  We spent the evening with friends and family and made new friends.  But that is not why you are here.  So, here is this weeks progress.

Sock #1 is completed.

Hubby is quite happy with it too.  I did the Fish Lip Kiss heel this time.  I like it best when using contrasting heel and toe yarn.

Sock #2 is started and is here in New Mexico with me.  I might get to work on it today and tomorrow.  But, no promises.  We have more gatherings today as well as a funeral tomorrow with a gathering afterwards.  There is always the drive home.  I drove all the way here and I think hubby will drive back.

That is all for today.  We are getting ready to join family/friends to go to Mass.

Until Next Time...............................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry for your loss. Always nice to reconnect with family and friends. The sock for hubby looks great. I always do FLK heel as its easy to memorize. MaureenHD

  2. My condolences on your loss. Sock one looks like it fits perfectly!!

  3. Lovely little socks. Have a great visit!

  4. Hey, I'm here for it all! :) I hope the funeral was lovely. Safe travels!

  5. Like Becki said, I'm here for it all. Sorry for your loss, but that's nice you have seen friends and made some new ones. The sock looks great and is such a gorgeous yarn. I'd have been keeping that for myself hehe! Hope your journey home goes well.


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