YOP LIST 2024-2025

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Week 27

 Happy New Year, everyone.  Today's post will be one of the shortest I have ever done.


Vixynn is completed and all ends are woven in too.  It is just a smidge bigger (wider) than I wanted but I have a feeling that will work out after I wash it.  I will stick it in the dryer for a little bit and that should shrink it up just a tish to where I want it.  I made this almost fingertip long as I wear leggings most of the time.

That is it for crafting this week.  I have not cast anything else on yet.  Not sure I want to start another sweater just yet or work on my WIP's I have laying around.  I am leaning towards the WIP's.

Hubby and I have been prepping for a small gathering we are having today.  He is smoking a turkey and I have been busy making snacks.  At the most there will be 8 people here and they are all part of our bubble.  We do this every year but because of the virus, we are short about 6 people.

We leave next Sunday for Las Vegas to finally have my MIL's funeral and burial.  Once we get back, we do not have any more travel plans until this coming September.  I am ready to stay home and work on the house and finish getting the painting and other remodeling completed.

If you would like to follow my blog other than on YOP day, you can do this on bloglovin.com.  Blogspot removed the option of having an email sent each time a new post was added.  Not sure why, but they did this over 6 months ago.  

If you would be interested in seeing what others have accomplished this week checkout this link......Ravelry:A Year Of Projects.

Until Next Time.......................................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Vixynn looks great!! I too love wearing leggings and tops so almost all my knitting sweaters are tunic length. Best wishes for your MIL's funeral. Good luck in getting contractors for your remodeling. That was our plan last year which led to the disaster of totally ruining our pool (we are now arranging contractors to fill it in). We did get the roof and siding replaced but still need landscaping work and driveway work.

  2. Happy New Year to you. I love the sweater and I am thinking of knitting a fingertip length gansey to wear over leggings too. Save travels and may you have good progress on your remodeling projects.

  3. beautiful finish and washing a knit fixes everything in my opinion. Happy New Year!

  4. I hope next week goes as well as it could do and you get there and back safely.
    Vixynn is lovely and that length will be perfect

  5. Beautiful sweater. I think I’m going to work on WIPs during January. There seems to be something satisfying about tidying up old projects in the new year - a bit like home decluttering. Happy new year!

  6. Your Vixynn top is terrific! It looks so cozy, and perfect to wear with leggings. I hope you had a fun visit with your bubble of friends. In our extended families it seems a lot of our sibs and cousins are chomping at the bit to do some family reunions. I think because the last few years have seen so many losses. I just want to hunker down at home, but that might be winter speaking. Or it could be my still-not-put-together-craft room. ;^) Since last year this time was a whirlwind for me, I'm looking forward to the normal slow down of January and February.

  7. Oh the sweater looks great Marsha!!! Wonderful! I can almost taste that smoked turkey! :) Happy New Year!!

  8. That sweater is awesome! I would like that also as i don't want anything that hugs my figure because I no longer have one! LOL! It's going to look so cute on you with your leggings. Enjoy your company but stay safe!

  9. Happy New Year! Your sweater looks great! It looks nice and comfy.

  10. Your top looks lovely and sounds a perfect length for being comfortable out or around the house. Very pretty yarn you chose for it. Best wishes for 2022 for you and your family.

  11. The colorway you used is like a Monet painting.


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