Thursday, January 27, 2022



Actually, I was going to blog yesterday but time got away from me.  It's not like I was super busy or anything either.  All I did was one load of laundry and made a batch of flour tortillas for our dinner.  

I want to show you how well my garden is growing.

Pleased, does not even begin to describe my feelings over this garden.  On the left are the salad greens.  It is several different types of lettuce in each pod.  On the middle right is Genovese Basel and the other two plants are Cherry Tomatoes.  Each day I can see quite a bit of growth on all of them.  This is only after 10 days of setting this garden up.  

I should tell you, these gardens do not just do veggies and herbs.  You can also get flower pods if that is your jam.  I figured, if I was going to spend $$ on pods and the garden structure itself, it had better pay for itself in some respect.  Hence.........herbs and veggies.

I started something on Sunday I have not done in while.

Making RCR on my DPN's congruently.  Lately, I have been making one sock and after it was done, casting on for the mate.  This time I am going back to doing them together.  Luckily for me, the two skeins of yarn I have for these are set up so you don't have to dig around to find the correct starting point for each self striping yarn.  These will be heading to Texas when completed.  Someone there wore out the last pair they received 3 years ago.  Does my heart good to know my handknits are being worn and loved so much.

Our weather here is just wonderful.  We are in the low 40's in the early morning and getting up to the high 60's to low 70's in mid afternoon.  Perfect baking and cooking comfort food weather.  

What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Until next time.................................................


  1. I just went out to get some groceries, like ingredients to make dumplings with the girls this weekend. I've been in the mood to make Asian recipes/Asian-flavored food with CNY coming up.

  2. That garden is so neat Marsha! I've never seen those before! I still have a few months before I can start my seeds indoors, can't wait!

  3. Your hydroponic garden looks very cool, Marsha. I can't wait to see cherry tomatoes!


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